Volunteer And Activism Committee Job Description

To serve as the vehicle for stimulating interest in members to volunteer to take positions or responsibilities within the Academy.

The Committee shall consist of at least 5 Academy members appointed by the President. One shall serve as Chairman and shall direct the activities of the committee in meeting its purposes. 

Scope of Work/Ongoing Goals

  • Develop a process for the identification and recruitment of members to serve in the governance of the Academy.
  • Establish a process and procedures for the recognition of the efforts of volunteers.

Immediate Goals

  • Submit specific plans for the recognition of appropriate volunteers at the annual Symposium.
  • Identify and solicit volunteers to serve on formal committees of the Academy sufficient to assure that each of the committees are completely staffed with volunteers.
  • Working with the MAAC Committee as necessary, implement a process to stimulate greater volunteer involvement at the chapter level.
  • Working with the President and staff, produce a an organizational chart representing the governance structure of the Academy and assure that each unit included has a job description suitable for their current scope of responsibilities.
  • Develop a schedule and procedures to effect annual change, as required, in volunteers participating in the governance of the Academy.

Guidelines and Policies

  • The Chairman shall submit written status reports for all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Chairman shall submit annual funding requests to the Budget committee.


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Please select the commitee(s) for which you would like to volunteer. NOTE: AAMA membership is required to become a committee volunteer.


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