Medical Acupuncture Advisory Committee Job Description

To serve as the vehicle for reaching out to the state and local level, monitoring state legislative developments affecting medical acupuncture, supporting efforts to organize chapters of the Academy at the state and local level to support legislative and educational needs of members at the local level and to organize a system to involve members in efforts to confront legislative challenges.

The Committee shall consist of at least 5, but no more than 11 Academy members appointed by the President. One shall serve as Chairman and shall direct the activities of the committee in meeting its purposes. 

Scope of Work/Ongoing Goals

  • Monitor state legislative developments taking steps to deal with initiatives that are not in the interests of medical acupuncture.
  • Establish and maintain a network of local chapters of the Academy.
  • Create a system of networking among members that can be activated when needed to address legislative issues.
  • Develop educational materials and scripted presentations for use by members in pursuing legislative matters.

Immediate Goals

  • Establish a state and national communications tree to be available when needed to address legislative issues at the national or local level.
  • Assess the value of the video script and where appropriate, train at least two more Chapters in video scripting.
  • Identify proposed State and Federal acupuncture legislation potentially harmful to medical acupuncture and develop strategies for addressing those proposals.

Guidelines and Policies

  • The Chairman shall submit written status reports for all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Chairman shall submit annual funding requests to the Budget committee.

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Please select the commitee(s) for which you would like to volunteer. NOTE: AAMA membership is required to become a committee volunteer.


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