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Criteria for Hospital Privileges in Medical Acupuncture

Qualifications and Training

  • Be a licensed physician (MD or DO) in the state of practicing physician
  •  Be Board Eligible with the American Board of Medical Acupuncture-----have completed a 300 hour post graduate training program in Medical Acupuncture as accepted by the ABMA or equivalent (i.e. NCCA certification) approved by the hospital's Medical Acupuncture Committee, if such a committee is in operation, or by consultation with, or endorsement by, the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
  • Present 3 letters of recommendation, specifically addressing and attesting to the applicant's qualifications and experience in practicing Medical Acupuncture.
  • Evidence of a minimum of 30 accredited hours over a 3-year period, of continuing education in Medical Acupuncture
  • The physician should become Board Certified in medical acupuncture within 3 years of the granting of acupuncture privileges.

Peer Review and Quality Assurance Plan

  • All patients seen by a physician practicing Medical Acupuncture would still go through the Quality Assurance Plan of the specialty under which the applicant is part of the hospital's medical staff.
  • In case of a negative outcome which is believed to be directly related to the use of Medical Acupuncture, the case would be forwarded to a special hospital committee, which would evolve to include peers practicing Medical Acupuncture. In the interim, the AAMA can assist in identifying appropriate expertise to be consulted in the peer review process.
  • Physicians practicing Medical Acupuncture in the hospital are expected to establish diagnoses within the traditional framework of Western medical thought, through an appropriate work-up of the patient's condition. The patient's treatment options should also be documented and the rationale for using Medical Acupuncture in each particular situation.

    See a Sample Recommendation Form
    Read the Conditions for which Medical Acupuncture may be Indicated in a Hospital Setting.
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