November 2015 Newsletter

Table of Contents - November 2015

How Can Being a Member of the AAMA Save You Money?  

One of the more common questions asked at our last Annual AAMA Symposium in St. Louis and in response to the recent Survey Monkey was: “What’s in it for me if I join the AAMA?” 

Many members I had the opportunity to speak with were unclear as to the benefits of joining or renewing their membership with the AAMA. The list of benefits can sound general — perhaps too vague for the many members struggling to make ends meet in clinical practice, where CME and membership dues can quickly add up. 

When I give the “Why Should I Join The AAMA?” membership presentation to students currently in their medical acupuncture training, I outline the more obvious membership benefits. Examples include: being part of a larger cohesive nationally recognized organization invested in protecting the rights of physicians offering acupuncture; maintaining collegial support and friendships at local and annual meetings; Board certification opportunities; and earning CME at live and online courses.   But if one were to calculate the actual dollar savings by being an AAMA member, the obvious choice is to “JOIN!” 

What follows is an estimation of dollars saved by being a Full Member (based on the cost of Full Membership = $335).          

$250 saved in registering for the Annual AAMA Symposium    
+$450 in free CME opportunities    
+$125 saved taking the Board Review Course (ABMA)    
+$237 saved in subscribing to the Journal of the AAMA  
= $1,062  Total in Benefits  
You save approximately $700 by joining the AAMA.   

And wait … there’s more!!

  • Discounts on vendors (in the AAMA’s 2016 Membership Committee Plan) 
  • Discounts off educational materials in the AAMA bookstore 
  • Free marketing by being listed as a Provider on the AAMA website   

So whether you are considering becoming a new member, or renewing your membership, I hope you will keep this “dollars saved” concept in mind.   

Tom Etges, MD
AAMA Membership Committee Chairman   

Dry Needling Follow-Up

In last month’s newsletter, we shared information about a lawsuit filed by the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board to end dry needling by physical therapists. This month, the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association has countered with a federal antitrust lawsuit against the NCALB.   

AAMA Members Exhibit at Recent SAR Conference

The AAMA had an exhibit booth at the Society of Acupuncture Research (SAR) conference in mid-November in Boston. Several AAMA members were there to help "work" the booth and talk about AAMA membership. Their important outreach efforts promoted the organization and the medical acupuncture profession.   

Pictured left to right: Anna Kelly, MD, FAAMA; Tom Burgoon, MD, DABMA (AAMA President); Richard Hobbs, MD, FAAMA; Laura Bowman, MD, DABMA.   



Alert: Calls Claiming to be from Anaheim Hilton

Reminder: The AAMA has received word that several members received calls claiming to be from the Anaheim Hilton indicating our block of rooms is nearly full. If this happens to you, please hang up. The call is fraud. When you are ready to make your room reservations to attend the Symposium, go to the hotel link posted on the AAMA website or call the hotel directly. The hotel will never call YOU directly to initiate a reservation; do not make reservations with anyone who calls you.   

New Scientific Research  

A Meta-analysis on Acupuncture Treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Acupuncture Research/Europe PubMed Central)
Conclusion: Acupuncture is an effective and safe therapy in treating ADHD, combined administration of acupuncture and pharmacotherapy or behavioral therapy is more effective than the pharmacotherapy or behavioral therapy alone. However, more rigorously designed and high-quality RCTs are needed to confirm the above conclusion.   

Comparison of Body, Auricular, and Abdominal Acupuncture Treatments for Insomnia Differentiated as Internal Harassment of Phlegm-Heat Syndrome: An Orthogonal Design (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine)
Conclusion: Body acupuncture at basic points shall be given priority in protocol selection for insomnia. The second-best choice is auricular acupuncture with basic points combined with points based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories. Abdominal needling with very quick effect can be an alternative protocol with basic points combined with syndrome differentiation points.   

Call for Entries! Acupuncture Research Paper Competition

Entries for the annual Acupuncture Research Paper competition are now being accepted. The cut-off to apply to present a Research Paper at the AAMA Symposium 2016 at the Anaheim Hilton in Anaheim, CA, is January 29, 2016. Submissions must be original work, in either clinical research or basic biochemical or physiological research pertaining to acupuncture. The work must not have been previously published. Work completed and accepted for publication during the 2015-16 year period will be considered, if the publishing journal will allow presentation at AAMA Symposium. First, Second and Third Place awards will be presented at the AAMA Symposium in Anaheim. The First Place paper is to be presented in a 30-minute Plenary Session at the Symposium. Papers for Second and Third place are to be announced at the Symposium. Authors will be acknowledged there.   

Chapter & Member News   

The seminar, “An Acupuncture Tensegrity Approach to Myofascial Trigger Points,” by Drs. Joe Audette and Allison Bailey scheduled for November 7-8 at Alliance Integrative Medicine had to be cancelled due to a fire in the facility a few days prior. The seminar will be rescheduled for 2016. If you had planned to attend, you will automatically be contacted. If you are interested in attending, but were not on the contact list, please contact Dr. Steve Amoils, President, Ohio Chapter AAMA:   

Dr. David Miller, Pacific College, Chicago, will present “Exploring Informed Consent in Vaccination:  An Independent Physician's Evidence-Based Perspective for Parents and Professionals” at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, January 10, 2016. Dr. Miller will spotlight these vaccines: pneumococcus, varicella, smallpox, Gardasil/HPV, Hepatitis B, polio, HIB, rotavirus, MMR, pertussis and meningococcal. He will address the conflict of interest when it comes to vaccines, adjuvants, how vaccine schedules have changed and the rise in chronic disease. Registration info:   

Dates & Reminders  

Reminder: Save the Date – Annual Symposium, April 7-10, 2016  Symposium Chair Narda Robinson, DO, DVM, FAAMA, has announced the theme of next year's symposium in Anaheim, California: "Converging Networks in Medical Acupuncture — The Synergy of Science and Tradition." As information is available, it will be posted on the AAMA website

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