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March 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents - March 2017  

Pre-symposium Seminars Offer Four Outstanding Choices

There is still time to sign up!

The pre-symposium seminars at this year's annual symposium offer a great opportunity to get introduced to a prominent teacher in acupuncture and deepen your understanding and practice. This year's 8-hour seminars offer four great choices. If you haven't registered for one, I highly recommend you choose one.

Jay Sandweiss, DO, will present Principles and Applications of Osteopathic Manipulation for Medical Acupuncturists: A Dozen and More Treatment Techniques to Use Monday Morning. Sandweiss will teach his favorite hands-on treatment techniques for pain and dysfunction of common musculoskeletal conditions. These treatments can be used before or after acupuncture to enhance treatment results. He is one of the premier educators in these techniques. This seminar is a special opportunity to learn from this experienced and engaging teacher.

Nadia Volf, MD, will present Auricular Causative Diagnosis: Approach for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Locomotor Conditions. Volf will share her impressive knowledge and experience in the analysis of visual marks on auricular points as a method of understanding patient’s symptoms, causes of disease states and their use as a guide to treatment. She will explain and demonstrate her detailed therapeutic approach using this method and treatment using acupuncture principle and collateral channels. She is a sought after teacher in Europe and we are very pleased to be able to have her present at this year's symposium.

Susan Johnson, LAc. will present Master Tung's Magic Points. This system is based on the work of the famous Taiwanese traditional Chinese doctor Tung Ching Chang. He was acclaimed for the spontaneous results he would achieve with very few needles. Tung's system is one, that when learned, enables a rapid assessment and treatment method that is very valuable in any medical clinic. All acupuncturists can benefit from studying and learning this acupuncture system. Johnson is one of the most loved teachers of this system in the United States. This is the first time she has presented at the annual symposium.

Raven Lang, OMD, LAc. will present Pediatric Acupuncture and Shonishin. Shonishin is a gentle pediatric method based on TCM theories that was developed in Japan and is now a commonly used acupuncture method for children. It is baby- and child-friendly and easily applied. This is an approach that is valuable for any medical acupuncturist treating children. This seminar will address common problems such as ear infections, coughs, lowered immunity, skin problems, appetite, digestion and elimination problems. Lang is a dynamic and much-lauded teacher in the United States. We are very happy to have her as a presenter at this year’s symposium.

This is your chance to have a full day seminar to explore one of these valuable topics with these expert teachers.  Don't miss this special opportunity.

I look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh!

Tom Burgoon, MD
President AAMA  

Welcome New AAMA Members

As the practice of medical acupuncture continues to grow, so too does the AAMA's membership. Please join us in welcoming the following new members who became part of the the AAMA in February 2017: 

  • Stephen Edward Godar, MD, Eagle, CO 
  • Stephen Chee, MD, Lac, Beverly Hills, CA 
  • Frank William Compolo, Jr, MD, Herkimer, NY 
  • Xiaoli Dong, MD, Manlius, NY 
  • Ramesh T Kumar, MD, Port Saint Lucie, FL 
  • Shiu-Lin Tsai, MD, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 

If you have peers or colleagues who aren't currently members of the AAMA, please encourage them to learn more about the benefits of membership by visiting the website or contacting Thomas Etges, MD, the membership committee chair.   

Call for Research Articles: Contribute to the Medical Acupuncture journal

For nearly two decades the AAMA's journal, Medical Acupuncture, has brought you the latest acupuncture information. You might say that the journal is the window to the very soul of Medical Acupuncture information. Publisher Mary Ann Liebert has promulgated the journal to the very four corners of the world and as a digital "storm" on the internet; it gets noticed and the impressive downloads of articles number in the thousands per month!      

Originally the journal was published twice yearly and has grown now to every other month. The Special Editions propel us into specialized acupuncture technology. Our latest continuing education credit program has produced staggering interest from our readers.      

The journal only can continue to mature and maximize in quality if you, the readers, come forth with articles. They are the "electricity" that powers the journal and the "spark" that illuminates our knowledge. Most important, your input brings enhancements, improvements and credibility to the journal. Your contribution adds to our collective experience; it unleashes the power of Medical Acupuncture. 

Please contact me directly if you have an interesting article to submit or an idea for the journal.      

Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH

Social and Networking Opportunities at the Annual Symposium

  • Dinner Celebration (6:15-10pm, Friday): Join fellow members for an evening featuring food, friends, music and dancing. A short presentation during dinner will honor faculty, distinguished guests and new AAMA Fellows.   
  • Gong with Aung (6:30-7:30am, Saturday and Sunday): This early morning Qi Gong exercise program, open to all symposium attendees and guests, aims to energize participants and help them attain a good start to their day. Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses several major therapeutic modalities, but the therapy that most directly applies not only to patients but also to health care practitioners themselves is Qi Gong, which facilitates the transfer of positive energy from the practitioner to the patient, and helps transform medical professionals into genuine healers.   
  • Brush With Aung: This calligraphy demonstration will show the audience how to write calligraphy, how to assess calligraphy, how to enjoy and appreciate calligraphy, and how to create an outstanding result. This popular annual program is a fundraising demonstration for AAMA, which involves an auction of Dr. Aung's calligraphy artworks. Dr. Aung will also take requests for specific pieces from his list of words of wisdom.   
  • Poster Presentation and Reception (6:15-7:30pm, Saturday): Accepted posters will be displayed during this social networking reception.      

Register now for the Annual Symposium. 

Planning for Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh has many times been named one of the best places in the world to visit. We invite you to come and find out why! Step back into the past at one of the region's history museums. Whether your passion is visual or performing arts (or both!) you will be overwhelmed by the choices in theaters, galleries, public art installations and the museum dedicated to the Prince of Pop, The Andy Warhol Museum. And, Pittsburgh is home to three professional, and numerous collegiate, sports teams. Learn more and plan your itinerary.

Promote Acupuncture Education Events to AAMA Members 

The AAMA maintains a calendar of professional development and educational opportunities that may be of interest to its membership. We need your help to make the calendar as comprehensive as possible. If you know of events — local, regional, national or international — that may benefit members and/or their practices, please share. And don't forget to check the calendar frequently to find opportunities that meet your needs.   

To submit a calendar entry for AAMA's website, please send the following details via email to in this format:   

  • Name of event:  
  • Dates:  
  • Location:  
  • Instructors or faculty:  
  • Sponsor:  
  • Approved for AMA PRA Category 1 credit?  
  • Accrediting organization:  
  • Credit hours:  
  • Phone: 
  • Website: 
  • E-mail:   

ICYMI – Quick Reminders from AAMA

AAMA’s New "Expert Video" Project 
At the 2017 Annual Symposium, the AAMA will be creating short videos on the utility of acupuncture showcasing members' clinical expertise. As members, you will be able to use the videos to populate your own websites, advertise for any talks/lectures you might be giving, as educational components during a talk, or as advertising for potential patients. Please participate!     

SAR's 2017 International Research Conference
April 27-29, 2107, in San Francisco, CA, USA  

The First World Congress ICMART-FILASMA Mexico 2017 entitled "The Role of Acupuncture on the World's Health Integration," will take place in Mexico City, June 2-4, 2017. For the first time, ICMART and FILASMA, two umbrella associations representing medical acupuncture, have come together to create one of the biggest acupuncture scientific events in the world.   

Integrative Medicine for Military Injuries – Call for Papers
Medical Acupuncture is planning another Special Issue on Integrative Medicine for Military Injuries. Deadline extended to May 1, 2017    

Save the Date! AAMA 2018 Annual Symposium
Kansas City, April 12-15, 2018

Tell Us About Your Publications and Presentations

Share news about your research, speaking engagements and published papers with us so we can share the news with your peers. Members who will be attending or presenting at medical acupuncture educational events are invited to contact the AAMA with details. The Academy would be happy to send sample copies of the Medical Acupuncture journal and other materials to share with the audience so they learn more about AAMA.

New Scientific Research

Modulatory Effects of Acupuncture on Brain Networks in Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients
"These results indicate that acupuncture at Tiaoshen Yizhi acupoints can regulate brain networks by increasing connectivity between cognition-related regions, thereby improving cognitive function in patients with mild cognitive impairment."    

How Does Acupuncture Work?
The role of S1 remapping A large body of clinical research has explored acupuncture for chronic pain disorders, demonstrating that acupuncture may be marginally better than sham acupuncture (e.g., non-inserted needles) in reducing pain ratings, but with small effect size. Still, several questions remain: how exactly does acupuncture work? Is acupuncture any better at improving physiological (i.e., objective) outcomes for chronic pain?  

Acupuncture for the Prevention of Tension-Type Headache
Acupuncture is often used for prevention of tension-type headache but its effectiveness is still controversial. This is an update of our Cochrane review originally published in Issue 1, 2009 of The Cochrane Library.   

Lifestyle Advice and Self-Care Integral to Acupuncture Treatment for Patients with Chronic Neck Pain: Secondary Analysis of Outcomes Within a Randomized Controlled Trial
Conclusion: Acupuncture-related lifestyle advice helped patients improve the way they live and care for themselves and enhanced self-efficacy and ability to use what they had learnt. These changes were associated with reductions in pain and disability at 12 months. 

Journal CME

Medical Acupuncture, the Official Journal of the AAMA, now contains selected articles that are approved for 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™Mary Ann Liebert, Inc publishers anticipates that 6 articles per year will carry CME credit. 

CME credit is available for free to AAMA members and available to other subscribers and readers for a small fee. 

Click here to access current and past issues of Medical Acupuncture.

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