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June 2018 Newsletter

Table of Contents - June 2018

Sharing the Wealth

When was the last time you returned from a truly memorable medical conference or training program, where "pearls of wisdom" were shared, and you came away eager to implement "new tools" into your own daily clinical practice? Did this personal experience lead to "sharing the wealth" when you got back to work, discussing it with your colleagues?

It got me thinking: How can we as members "share the wealth" with our colleagues, thereby increasing the AAMA's visibility with the work that we do?

In April, I had the opportunity to address the Oregon Podiatric Medical Association near Portland, Oregon, presenting a didactic session about current medical acupuncture evidence-based research. Identified were the barriers and ways of overcoming those barriers when it comes to implementing medical acupuncture into one's clinical practice. Happily, the presentation was well received, followed by a lively question-and-answer session with surgical colleagues who now see acupuncture as an adjunct to the work they do.

Just last week I met with the Oregon Medical Association’s director of marketing and communications to discuss future CME program planning at OMA sponsored events. The interest in medical acupuncture is there, I am convinced. One barrier may be that of visibility, but it's one that I believe can be breached using a personal "warm call" marketing approach. A marketing representative once educated me about "cold" vs. "warm" calls. If a student, medical colleague or organization contacted me because they either personally knew me or knew somebody who knew me, the latter was much more likely to get a response from my end. I propose implementing this philosophy when it comes to interfacing with our medical colleagues about acupuncture. 

I would ask each and every one of our members in the AAMA to boldly share your medical acupuncture skills and your own experiences with your physician colleagues in the form of a warm call. I am making it my personal goal to reach out to my family medicine and internal medicine colleagues by telephone, email or snail-mail format — especially to those who have kindly referred patients for medical acupuncture. Knowing I'm a fellow physician, the conversations are more likely to result in future referrals — a win-win for the physicians and the patients being treated. 

There are other ways we could increase public awareness of the physician acupuncturists in their communities:

  • Formal presentations to local colleagues sharing an interest in complementary medical approaches, local and State medical associations or community groups, and hospital organizations.
  • Interviews with the media, published articles via social media (e.g. Facebook Live), and local news agencies. 
  • Posting, sharing peer-reviewed articles about medical acupuncture on social media platforms. Our own Social Media Committee has been vital in this area on the AAMA's website and Facebook page.
  • Encouraging patients to share their positive experiences receiving medical acupuncture directly with their PCP providers, inviting them to communicate directly if they have questions or need more information. This results in a warm call opportunity to increase our visibility as an organization.

Thank you ALL for the generous hard work you do for your patients. Please help me in "Sharing the Wealth" with colleagues when it comes to medical acupuncture and increasing the visibility of the AAMA.

Tom Etges, MD

Membership Committee
AAMA Board Treasurer

Welcome New AAMA Members

Please join us in welcoming the following new members who became part of the the AAMA in May 2018:

  • Kamala Anne Wright, MD of Traverse City, MI
  • Bryan Andrew Lamoreau, MD of South Portland, ME 
  • David L Doering, MD of Louisville, KY
  • William Lee White, MD, DC of Lompoc, CA
  • Jeff Hardin, MD, PhD of Cornville, AZ
  • Amy Dee Kossoff, MD of Chevy Chase, MD
  • James R LaManna, MD of Gillette, WY
  • Stephanie Michelle Peterson, MD of Lincoln, NE
  • Dino Massoglia, MD, PhD of Daniel Island, SC
  • Sue Ellen Castleman, DO of Santa Rosa, CA
  • Jenniene Lynn Foster, MD of Flagstaff, AZ
  • Michael Aaron Piplani, MD of Dakota Dunes, SD
  • Stephen Horras, MD of Great Falls, MT
  • Ding Xie, MD, PhD of Augusta, GA
  • Kristin Leigh Silvia, MD of Albuquerque, NM
  • Stephanie I Cheng, MD of New York, NY
  • Bernard Rodriguez Canlas, MD of University Place, WA
  • Larry Eugene Robinson, Jr, DO of Sandusky, OH

If you have peers or colleagues who aren't currently members of the AAMA, please encourage them to learn more about the benefits of membership by visiting the website or contacting Sue Sorensen, MD, FAAMA, the membership committee chair.

Membership Renewal Reminder!

AAMA Membership Renewal season is here. Need a reminder about the many perks of being a member? Read through the list of membership benefits. Please take a moment to submit your renewal information and your annual dues. To renew, log in to your member account on the website and either (1) visit the Store to find renewal products or (2) proceed directly to the membership renewal page.

Help Build the AAMA and Earn $$

We're excited to announce a new member-recruiting program designed to reward current members for referring their peers to the AAMA for membership. If you nominate someone who joins as a full member, you'll earn a $50 credit to use on future AAMA events, including the annual symposium, workshops, or apply to your own future membership dues. Look for specifics in an email from the AAMA coming soon or read more on the AAMA website — and start thinking about colleagues to nominate!

AAMA Members Serve as Media Sources

During the year, the AAMA staff often receives requests from members of the media who need expert sources for health-related articles or news segments. Last month, two AAMA members were resources for such articles:

Shape Magazine: AAMA board member Joseph Audette — Why You Should Try Acupuncture—Even If You Don't Need Pain Relief 

Healthline: Narda Robinson — Why People Are Choosing Acupuncture Over Opioids for Pain Relief 

REMINDER: 2018 Annual Symposium Recordings Available

The 30th Annual Symposium in Kansas City received rave reviews! If you weren't able to attend this year – or if there was a specific session you missed – Symposium recordings are available for purchase either as individual sessions or for the Symposium as a whole. 

Types of Recordings Available:

  • Audio - a voice recording only
  • Video - a video recording
  • Sync PP - a video recording synchronized with a PowerPoint 

Types of Media Available:

  • Internet Stream & Download

For more information,click here

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It Last Month

Photo Gallery from the AAMA's 30th Annual Symposium

Our thanks to Saeeduddin Khan, MD, FACP, CMD and AAMA staff for taking and sharing these photos for us. If you took photos at the Symposium, please share them with us! Send us an email with your images: info@medicalacupuncture.org

AAMA and American TCM Alumni Association Friendship

In April, Jerry Leglue, MD, FAAMA, President of AAMA and Thomas Burgoon, MD, Immediate Past President, signed a memo of friendship and understanding with the American TCM Alumni Association/American TCM Association (ATCMAA/ATCMA). The ATCMAA/ATCMA was represented by its president, Dr. Haihe Tian. The ATCMAA is an organization of university- and residency-trained Chinese physicians practicing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in the United States. These physicians include alumni of both Western Medicine and TCM medical schools in China who practice in the U.S. as licensed physicians and/or as licensed acupuncturists.

Professional Development Opportunities

World Congress On Medical Acupuncture
International Scientific Acupuncture And Meridian Symposium
September 6 - 9, 2018 in Munich, Germany

4th American TCM Congress
August 4-5, 2018
Bellevue, Washington
This is an international conference organized by the ATCMA on Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Classics and Clinical Applications with a focus on the topics of Gynecology, Dermatology, and Cosmetology. Highly distinguished speakers will cover topics including pain management, post herpetic neuralgia, prevention and treatment of diabetic microvascular complications, avoiding common mistakes in TCM dermatology, treatment of sinusitis using the approaches of Shang Han Lun (Cold Damage) theory and Wen Bing (Warm Disease) theory, treatment of intractable cough and asthma.

AAMA 31st Annual Symposium
April 11-14, 2019
Phoenix, AZ

AAMA Website: Education Listings

The AAMA maintains an ongoing calendar of educational events and professional development opportunities related to medical acupuncture. The calendar is accessible on the AAMA website. Members are encouraged to share events and calendar items from their regions and about educational topics that may be of wider interest among peers and fellow AAMA members. 

REMINDER: Earn Free CME Reading Journal Articles
Don't forget that the AAMA's official journal, Medical Acupuncture, now offers CME to AAMA members for select articles. Here's a recap of recent eligible articles in case you missed them:

New Scientific Research

Understanding the Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment for Cancer Pain Management
This article summarizes the current evidence regarding the use of acupuncture for pain management in cancer patients. It includes a description of how acupuncture is thought to work and what the intervention entails, data on acupuncture for managing pain caused by cancer or by cancer treatment (radiation, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy), how acupuncture is practiced in the US medical system, discussion of safety issues, and practical tips on how to integrate acupuncture into cancer care.

Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Pain Processing
[Molecular Neurobiology]
The PFC is involved in biopsychosocial pain management. This includes repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, antidepressants, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, music, exercise, partner support, empathy, meditation, and prayer. Studies demonstrate the role of the PFC during placebo analgesia, and in establishing links between pain and depression, anxiety, and loss of cognition. In particular, losses in PFC grey matter are often reversible after successful treatment of chronic pain.

Acupuncture in Post-Date Pregnancy Management
[Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies]
The present study suggested that acupuncture applied at term of pregnancy seems effective in reducing the rate of labour induction performed for prolonged pregnancy at 41+5 weeks. Moreover, acupuncture also seems to be able to reduce oxytocin use; such a "saving" effect could play a role in childhood, considering that a recent study underlined the adverse effect of oxytocin on birth outcomes.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in Cancer Survivors in a Structured Exercise Program
[Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise]
70% of respondents reported CAM use after their cancer diagnosis. Half of the respondents started CAM use after physician recommendation, while the other half of respondents started using CAM on their own. Also, 45% of respondents used some form of CAM while undergoing cancer treatment.

The efficacy and safety of acupuncture in women with primary dysmenorrhea: A systematic review and meta-analysis
The results of this study suggest that acupuncture might reduce menstrual pain and associated symptoms more effectively compared to no treatment or NSAIDs, and the efficacy could be maintained during a short-term follow-up period.

Voice of cancer patients (VoCP): Use and experience of acupuncture in cancer patients
[Journal of Clinical Oncology]
"Many patients share their experiences as freely shared messages in online forums. We collected 15.7 million messages million unique messages from 37 unrestricted cancer forums that provide clinically relevant information. We built custom ontologies for various cancers, acupuncture, and cancer related side effects such as pain, insomnia, neuropathy, fatigue, shortness of breath and depression. …Conclusions: Many patients find Acupuncture useful as adjunct to cancer therapy to improve quality of life and alleviate chemo related side effects. This VoCP interactive system reliably provides significant insights into patient’s concerns, unmet needs and where research and resources should be focused."

Effect of Acupuncture or Massage on Health-Related Quality of Life of Hemodialysis Patients
[Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine]
Use of complementary therapies such as massage and acupuncture during HD may contribute toward improvement of HR-QOL and thus should be considered when addressing overall health status of these patients.

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Symposium Recordings

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Resourceful Recordings

Scientific Research

Read more evidence-based research on acupuncture and its applications in medical practice.

Journal CME

Medical Acupuncture, the Official Journal of the AAMA, contains selected articles that are approved for 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™Mary Ann Liebert, Inc publishers anticipates that 6 articles per year will carry CME credit. 

CME credit is available for free to AAMA members and available to other subscribers and readers for a small fee. 

Click here to access current and past issues of Medical Acupuncture.