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July 2015 Newsletter

Table of Contents - July 2015 

Membership Dues Renewal

Before you pay your dues this year, please take a few minutes to review the benefits of membership and make sure you’re taking full advantage of all opportunities to improve your skills, your practice and ultimately your patients’ care. In his recent letter that was sent to you via email, AAMA President Thomas Burgoon outlined the current membership benefits and hinted at some new ones that are in the works right now.

Now you’re ready to maximize your membership!   

New Scientific Research

Efficacy of acupuncture in children with asthma: a systematic review 
Promising results from Italy need additional research. 

Effect of Combined Manual Acupuncture and Massage on Body Weight and Body Mass Index Reduction in Obese and Overweight Women: A Randomized, Short-term Clinical Trial
This research was designed to answer three questions. First, is combined manual acupuncture and massage therapy (MAMT) more beneficial than manual acupuncture therapy (MAT) alone for treating obesity in woman? Second, are MAMT and MAT also good for treating overweight woman? Third, when is the optimal time for BW and BMI reductions during MAMT and MAT? 

Common parameters of acupuncture for the treatment of hypertension used in animal models
This review summarized the previous information of experimental use of acupuncture on animals including species, hypertension models, acupoints selection, acupoint location, stimulation protocols, and evaluation of effectiveness to provide useful guidance for researchers when performing acupuncture in animal experiments.

Connect with AAMA on Twitter! 

By Leslie Smith, MD, DABMA

Not familiar with Twitter? Want to get in on the fun? Need a refresher about Twitter? Here it comes … 

Twitter is a great way to keep abreast of new articles and developments in acupuncture. If you sign up for an account, you can “follow” the AAMA for daily updates on acupuncture and related issues. This is a very simple process: even easier than setting up your FaceBook account! Once you have created an account, search for @AAMAcupuncture. Click the “follow” button, and we will show up in your feed.  

There are a few guidelines to follow when using Twitter. The first is that a tweet can be a maximum of 140 characters. This is why you will see all kinds of abbreviations and shorthand in tweets. Web page addresses (URLs) will be abbreviated, but will take up some of your character space if you want to include a website in your tweet. Spaces, punctuation, letters, numbers, etc. all count as characters.   

The “@“ symbol is like sending a message through Twitter. Sending something to @AAMAcupuncture communicates with our Twitter account directly, which is being monitored daily by Leslie Smith. We are happy to post “tweets” (updates) on behalf of our members: new practices opening, talks you are giving, etc. You can either email info about these kinds of events to Leslie at LeslieTCM@gmail.com or tweet them using @AAMAcupuncture. We will then “retweet" them to all our followers. For example: “@AAMAcupuncture AAMA member Leslie Smith is opening a new clinic at 4753 N Broadway in Chicago tomorrow! Come and check it out!” 

You can also periodically check hashtags (#) on topics that interest you: e.g. #acupuncture. Go to “search Twitter” at the top right of the screen and type in your search term. A # means that the person tweeting about that issue wanted it to be seen by people interested in a topic. The hashtag is a "file drawer" in which all the latest comments on (for example) acupuncture are stored. When you want to see what people are saying about acupuncture, you go to that file drawer by searching the label "#acupuncture.” 

In the example above, if I used #acupuncture in the tweet, it would then be picked up and put in the virtual file drawer for everyone who is interested in reading about acupuncture. “@AAMAcupuncture AAMA member Leslie Smith is opening a new clinic at 4753 N Broadway in Chicago tomorrow! Come and check it out! #acupuncture” 

You can’t break Twitter, so come on out and play. Your kids and grandkids will be very impressed! 

Chapter & Member News 

Ohio Chapter – Submitted by Steve Amoils, MD, Chapter President
Dr. Joe Audette, director of the Harvard-based International Structural Acupuncture course for physicians, will be presenting an acupuncture seminar to the Ohio AAMA chapter on Saturday November 7, and Sunday, November 8, at Alliance Integrative Medicine, Cincinnati. The seminar is titled: An Acupuncture Tensegrity approach to Myofascial Trigger Points. Audette is a clinical assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and chief of pain medicine at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. He attended the Tristate Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in New York and is a recognized authority in palpation based Japanese acupuncture, as well as the utilization of dry needling techniques for the treatment of pain. 

AAMA Member Publishes Article
AAMA member James W. Ochi, MD, expanded his winning research paper from the Annual Symposium. "Korean hand therapy for tonsillectomy pain in children" has been published in the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. Conclusions: "The data tentatively suggest KHT is associated with decreases in perceived pain after tonsillectomy and is widely accepted by children. These data – combined with the cost effectiveness, safety and ease of administering KHT – suggest that further studies exploring the effectiveness of KHT for pain relief after tonsillectomy are merited." 

Physicians Earn Board Certifications

The following physicians recently met the stringent requirements of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA) and have achieved Board Certification in medical acupuncture. These doctors have earned the designation DABMA (Diplomate, American Board of Medical Acupuncture): Denise Dutchak-Parmenter, MD, of Fort Myers, FL, and Michael J. Swanson, DO, of Dayton, OH. 

Reminder: AAMA Has a New Address!

Please make a note in your contacts files. The new address is:  

2512 Artesia Blvd, Ste. 200
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Ph: (310) 379-8261 Fax: (310) 379-8283  

Reminder: Save the Date – Annual Symposium, April 7-10, 2016 

Symposium Chair Narda Robinson, DO, DVM, FAAMA, has announced the theme of next year's symposium in Anaheim, California: "Converging Networks in Medical Acupuncture — The Synergy of Science and Tradition."  As information is available, it will be posted on the AAMA website.


Membership Renewal

Renewal invoices have been mailed, but you have the option of renewing your membership online! Login to your member account here on the site and it will pull up your record, membership type and amount owed.
Membership Dues Renewal

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