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July 2013 Newsletter

AAMA e-Newsletter -- July 2013

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President's Message

AAMA membership year renewal offers great opportunity to growth

By Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA
President, AAMA

Well, here we are again in the summertime, and it is hot here in Texas. Maybe that’s what drove me inside and got me thinking about the future of acupuncture. WeDr Ximenes have gone through another great Symposium and now we move into AAMA 2013-’14 membership year renewal time. Our membership is so important to the Academy, and renewal is very much appreciated by all. But it may not be enough.

Simply maintaining our members is great but doesn’t offer us the growth that we need. The Board of Directors has made some changes that may make it easier for academicians to become members. We also have made attempts to work with other organizations like SARS and the Pan-Pacific Medical Acupuncture Forum organization. This may increase our numbers slightly, but it’s our members who offer us the greatest opportunity to increase membership.

Great Opportunity for Growth
How do we do that in this economic climate? It would be easy to say that the economy is tough, and people don’t want to embark on new endeavors. It would be easy to say that the world of medicine is filled with uncertainty and that we need to sit back and see what happens. What we need to do, however, is seize the moment.

The public is interested in what we are doing and looking for a leader in true health care. If we can provide that for them, we can be seen as the best hope for this to happen. I think they would like to have physicians like us at the forefront. But in order to do this we need to grow in numbers so we can increase our visibility. We need to educate our colleagues, as well as the public, that we have modalities that can help.

We need to do more than renew our membership: It is times like these that can offer us the greatest opportunity for growth if we can take advantage of them. Physicians are frustrated with the status quo and are looking for new opportunities to advance their practices. They are often looking for better ways to treat their patients.

Spread the Word
We can tell fellow physicians about acupuncture and its benefits. When they learn of acupuncture as an additional modality sought after by patients, they can incorporate it into their practices as we have done -- and then they can become members. With that we grow, becoming stronger and more influential in the world of medical care. In fact, we can become more desirable as physicians to patients looking for a more personal, holistic form of medicine.

The time is right for us to come out as the leaders in medical acupuncture, if not the leaders in medicine itself. We need to do everything we can to educate the public as to who we are and what we can offer. We need to educate our colleagues about what we do and why they should, too.

Talk to your friends and teach them something simple to get them interested. Get them to take a class and learn about acupuncture. Perhaps give a grand rounds presentation at your hospital. Spread the word.

“Ask not What Your Academy can do for You…”
There is nothing wrong with asking what the Academy can do for us, but we also need to ask ourselves what we can do for the Academy. We need to grow our membership to be able to be a voice in the direction of medicine. United we can negotiate, but divided we can only accept what is offered -- and there is little future for medical acupuncture in that offer.

Please see more details on this in a related article in this issue from Membership Committee Chair Thomas S. Burgoon, MD, DABMA.

Best wishes!




AAMA Redesigns Website

Instructions given to access Member Only area with user name, password

 Check out the recently redesigned AAMA website.

The site includes a Member Only section that requires that each member have a unique user name and password in order to access this area of the website. Members can get online access to current and past issues of the Medical Acupuncture Journal in this area.

Also, a complete directory of Academy members can be accessed in the member only section. As staff continues to build out the new website, other features, such as case discussions, a Q & A forum among others, will be added to the Member only area of the website.

Getting Started
Academy staff has set up online accounts for most members. Each member was assigned a discrete username and a temporary password. Once you log in as a member (the login link is in the upper right hand side of all pages), you can change your password, and update or change other information in your account, but your assigned username will be permanent. See the information below on your assigned user name and temporary password. Please save this information in a safe place for future use.

There are some members who created their own accounts, and we have left those alone. If you have set up an account within the last 30 days or so, you should be able to still use the information you used when setting up for those accounts.

Web address: www.medicalacupuncture.org
Username: (your 5 digit AAMA member ID #)
Temporary Password: acupuncture

Contact the Academy offices if you have any problems or need additional information.

Register now for free AAMA webinar on Aug. 14

Topic: ‘Cash-Based Acupuncture: Creating a Successful Practice’

As an educational opportunity that’s a benefit of membership, AAMA is pleased to continue in its series of webinars offered free to members.

“Cash-Based Acupuncture: Creating a Successful Practice,” will be presented by Laura Bowman, MD, DABMA, of Metro Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA. This webinar willDr Bowman begin at 5pm EST/8pm PT Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013.

Dr. Bowman will moderate an hour-long webinar on the background, format and experience of their cash-based acupuncture practice, in the midst of the world accustomed to third party payers. The presentation will lead into Q&A and a discussion of the topic.

The Education Committee, chaired by Claudia E. Harsh, MD, has developed a series of education opportunities through free Webinars. They are presented "live" and recorded so they are accessible to members whether they can participate in the live event or not.

Register Now!
There are limited spaces available for the "live" event. Members are asked to register online. Instructions for joining the Webinar will be sent to the provided email address once membership is confirmed. If a member registers and then finds they will not be able to attend, please contact AAMA to allow your space to be used by someone who is able to attend the live event.

The recording will be posted within a day or two for all members to access.

AAMA asking for your help to increase membership

Membership Committee Chair Thomas S. Burgoon, MD, DABMA, is stressing the importance of the Academy continuing to grow. He notes as with many professional associations, AAMA is seeing 2% fewer members each year (from 1,485 in 2008 to 1,242 in 2013).

Academy members will receive their 2013-'14 membership year dues renewal notices in the mail soon.

“We need membership dues. That’s our main source of revenue to provide services for members,” Dr. Burgoon said at the Symposium in Baltimore, MD. “We are veryDr Burgoon frugal with your money. There are no perks for Board members. Not registration, travel, hotels, nothing. This is all strictly volunteer.”

Physicians in the Annual Membership Meeting suggested targeting former Academy members to return could be fruitful. They also said potential members could be recruited out of training programs. Dr. Joseph M. Helms responded that all Helms Medical Institute graduates are listed on their website. HMI graduates 80-100 students twice/year.

“We need your help,” Dr. Burgoon pleaded. “Look around and invite your peers. If each one of us recruited at least one fellow physician acupuncturist, we can double our membership in the next year.”

Contact Dr. Burgoon at tburgoonmd@gmail.com for an invitation letter to use for recruiting that lists membership benefits.

Physicians earn Board Certification in Medical Acupuncture

The following physicians recently met the stringent requirements of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA) and have achieved Board Certification in medical acupuncture. They have earned the designation DABMA (Diplomate, American Board of Medical Acupuncture):

Lisa Benson, MD, of Amherst, NY; Laura C. Bowman, MD, of Atlanta, GA; Felix Chang, MD, of Worcester, MA; Jong I. Choi, MD, of Sea Isle City, NJ; Thomas J. Dwyer, MD, of Valley Center, CA; Raymond F. Elsayed, DO, of Leesville, LA; Jinping Fan, MD, of Houston, TX; Helen L. Henry, MD, of Portland, OR; Rocio A. Huet, MD, of Knoxville, TN; Sue Kim, MD, of Palo Alto, CA; Jiang-Ti Kong, MD, of Louisville, KY; Hong Lei, MD, of Tucson, AZ; Yvette C. Ross Hebron, MD, of Silver Spring, MD; Gary Stanton, MD, of Concord, MA; Philip P. Trabulsy, MD, of South Burlington, VT; Kynnea Villanova, MD, of Raleigh, NC; Rebecca G. Wolfe, MD, of East Lansing, MI; and Ann M. Yeh, MD of Palo Alto, CA

The Academy has posted a list online of physicians who are Board Certified. Diplomates (DABMA) are listed alphabetically by last name, along with their location, and dates of expiration.

Any physician who has completed a 300 hour acupuncture training program and is now engaged in providing acupuncture treatments, is “board eligible” to sit for the ABMA examination. More details on the Board Certification process are posted online.

AAMA looking for members to presenter webinars

The Academy continues to offer educational webinars as a value-add to membership in the organization and as such, needs your involvement.

If you have an interest in offering a webinar for the membership, please provide the title and a short summary for consideration by the Education Committee. Webinars are typically 45 minutes to an hour in length and can either be personal case presentations or literature reviews.

The Academy has hosted these free webinars for members: "Getting Started: Setting Up an Acupuncture Practice" by Dr. Claudia Harsh; "How To Get Paid: Reimbursement Principles and Pearls for Workers Compensation and Accidents" by John P. Kohler, MD, FAAMA; "Billing 101 -- The Basics of Getting Paid," by Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA, “Acupuncture Trauma Protocol” by Mitchell Elkiss, DO, FAAMA; and “Advanced Auricular Therapy: Enhanced Clinical Results” and “Acupuncture Related Techniques for Sports and Pain Medicine,” by Bryan L. Frank, MD, FAAMA.

Details on future webinars -- such as the Aug. 14, 2013 one being led by Ann Bowman, MD, DABMA -- will be posted on the Academy’s website, in this newsletter and sent via email. See the article in this issue for details on, “Cash Based Acupuncture: Creating a Successful Practice.”

Come be a part of the 21st Century education. Send suggestions to AAMA staff or Dr. Claudia Harsh (claudia.harsh@gmail.com).

Medical Acupuncture Research News

The following is a review of reported research results and related news recently announced or released through Internet outlets:

•The abstract, “A 6-week randomized controlled trial with 4-week follow-up of acupuncture combined with paroxetine in patients with major depressive disorder,” was published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research (June 2013). In this trial, 160 patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) were randomly assigned to paroxetine or combined with 18 sessions of manual acupuncture or electrical acupuncture (EA). Researchers concluded that EA may have a long-lasting enhancement of the antidepressant effects.

•The abstract, “Self-administered needleless acupuncture therapy to control dyspepsia and GERD symptoms in patients diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis,” was published in Digestive Disease Week (May 18, 2013). This study tested a needleless method of transcutaneous electroacupuncture (TEA) with a wireless micro-stimulator and assessed the efficacy of chronic TEA in controlling symptoms of heartburn in diabetic gastroparesis patients. Researchers concluded that self-administered needleless electrical stimulation therapy is well received by patients and is efficacious in controlling severe dyspepsia symptoms in diabetic gastroparesis, as well as is improving frequency of esophageal reflux disease episodes.

•The abstract, “Acupuncture for ovulation induction in polycystic ovary syndrome: a randomized controlled trial,” was published in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism (May 1, 2013). Acupuncture has been demonstrated to improve menstrual frequency and to decrease circulating testosterone in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This study investigated whether acupuncture affects ovulation frequency. Researchers concluded that repeated acupuncture resulted in higher ovulation frequency in lean/overweight women with PCOS and were more effective than just meeting with the therapist.

•The abstract, “Stimulation of the wrist acupuncture point P6 for preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV),” was published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (April 2013). Randomized trials stimulated the P6 acupoint, compared with sham treatment or drug therapy, to prevent PONV. There were 40 trials involving 4,858 participants. Researchers concluded that compared with sham treatment, P6 acupoint stimulation significantly reduced nausea, vomiting and the need for rescue antiemetics.

•The abstract, “Acupuncture for the Management of Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors,” was published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (June 2013). Using the Theory of Planned Behavior, this study involved women with stage I–III breast cancer who had finished primary treatment and were experiencing hot flashes (HF). Researchers said breast cancer survivors (BCS) expressed varied expected benefits, concerns and decision support, emphasizing the “natural appeal” and symptom appraisal as determinates in using acupuncture. Incorporating these factors in counseling BCS may promote patient-centered communication, leading to improved HF management and quality of life.

•The abstract, “Clinical observation on electroacupuncture for arousing consciousness of comatose patients with severe trauma brain injury,” was published by the Medical College of Jinan University, Guangzhou, China (April 2013). To observe the arousal effect of electroacupuncture (EA) on craniocerebral injury patients, this study involved 90 such cases. Compared with pre-treatment in routine medication, naloxone and EA groups, GCS scores were increased following treatment and one month follow-up. The conclusion was that EA intervention at early stages can help recovery of neurological function, accelerate the consciousness from coma and improve the outcomes of patients with severe traumatic brain injury.

•The abstract, “Integrative TCM conservative therapy for low back pain due to lumbar disc herniation: a randomized controlled clinical trial,” was published in Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (June 2013). This study assessed the efficacy of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine on reducing back pain and restoring motor function for 408 affected patients. Researchers of this randomized, controlled clinical trial concluded that acupuncture provides reliable treatment to be effective on patients with low back pain due to herniated lumbar discs.

Please send information you find on research involving the efficacy of medical acupuncture to bart.ortberg@dowdenmanagement.com.

AAMA Member News

The Academy is looking for volunteers interested in working on AAMA committees. Among those seeking volunteers are the Symposium Program Committee and the AAMA Membership Committee. Click here for a list of committees and responsibilities of each. Contact Executive Administrator James Dowden (administrator@medicalacupuncture.org, 310/364-0193) if you have questions or are interested in becoming more directly involved in a committee.

If you are a Full Member or Fellow of the AAMA with DABMA certification, you should be printing the Medical Acupuncture certification mark on your stationary, business cards or other listings to promote your special accomplishments in medical acupuncture. The certification mark is available only to Full Members and Fellows of the AAMA who are currently Board Certified by the ABMA. The mark has been registered with the US Patent Office as a Certification Mark that is available for the exclusive use of those who meet the specified credentials. See Certification Mark Guidelines for standards on how the mark should be used in printed materials including acceptable type face, size, color, etc. For an electronic copy of a reproducible jpeg copy of the logo to provide your printer, Full Members and Fellows who are currently Board Certified through the ABMA may send a request to administrator@medicalacupuncture.org. Upon verification of your status, a jpg file will be sentDr Frank on mission to you.

Bryan L Frank, MD, FAAMA, past-president of AAMA, is leading missions to serve those with little or no access to healthcare around the world. He spent 15 days serving in Nepal in April. Join him on a mission with Global Mission Partners, Inc., a 501-c-3 not-for-profit charitable corporation, as the group serves Nepal, India, Kenya, Ecuador, Mexico and beyond. This may be the most fun you’ve had in medicine in years. Travel with a purpose in 2013 and 2014. Trips are planned to Mexico in September or to India in October/November. Information at www.GlobalMissionPartners.org or bfrankmd@hotmail.com.

AAMA achieved a major new milestone this year: the Academy’s official Journal, Medical Acupuncture, increased from quarterly to bi-monthly – six times each year. Academy members receive the Journal free as part of their membership. Also, members have access to all back issues of the Journal published by the Mary Ann Liebert Co. when accessed through the Members Only section of the Academy’s website.

Thomas Burgoon, MD, DABMA, AAMA Membership Committee chair and Board of Directors member, says if each member recruits at least one fellow physician acupuncturist into the Academy, membership can double in the next year. So please contact Dr. Burgoon and make that a special priority to help support and promote physician acupuncture in the US.

The 10th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology, "Translational Science in Integrative Oncology: “From Bedside, to Bench, to Best Practices,” will be held in Vancouver, Canada, Oct. 20-22, 2013 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. It will be presented by the Society for Integrative Oncology and co-sponsored by the University of British Columbia Division of Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine and the University of British Columbia School of Nursing.

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Richard Niemtzow of the journal, Medical Acupuncture, is seeking volunteer reviewers to review manuscripts. Reviewers will access manuscripts online. Reviews must be completed and returned within one business week. Reviewers successfully completing a series of timely, high-quality reviews may be invited to join the Editorial Board (at the discretion of the editor in chief). Please send brief qualifications and contact information to n5ev@aol.com.

The AAMA seminar, Acupuncture Related Techniques: What to do When Acupuncture Doesn't Work, led by Bryan L. Frank, MD, FAAMA, was well received by an enthusiastic group in Chicago in May. The webinar, “Cash-Based Acupuncture: Creating a Successful Practice,” will be presented free to Academy members by Laura Bowman, MD, DABMA, of Metro Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA, at 5pm EST/8pm PT Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013.

The International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniqes (ICMART) 2013 and 5th International Johannes Bischko Symposium for Acupuncture will be held Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2013 in Vienna, Austria. For more information on 30 years of ICMART and 60 years of the Austrian Acupuncture Society, click here or visit http://www.icmart.org/.

Dr. Jay Sandweiss will be teaching in Paris and Nice, France, Sept. 20-21 and Sept. 27-28, respectively, as well as Oct. 12-13 and Nov 16-17 in Michigan. Details are posted here.

The 6th European Congress for Integrative Medicine (in conjunction with the German Congress for Integrative Medicine) will be held on Oct. 4-5, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. General Secretary Walburg Maric-Oehler, MD, reports that as a result of AAMA membership in ICMART, Academy members are eligible for 25% reduction on Congress fees. Academy members are urged to make plans to attend.

Two endangered sea turtles that are shells of their former selves after getting stranded on Cape Cod received help easing back into the wild from an acupuncturistSea turtles. More than a dozen needles were tapped into their grayish-green, leathery skin to decrease inflammation on their front flippers, restore motion on those limbs and help them regain appetites, reports Fox News.

The Academy has syllabi available from the 2013 Symposium (print or CD format) and four Pre-Symposium workshops. There are also books available by Drs. Charles Moss and Steven and Sandi Amoils at discounted prices for Practice members, other books and audio tapes from sessions in Baltimore. Details are posted online.

German Auricular Acupuncture will be taught Nov. 21-24, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by instructors Dave Maybee, RMT and Lisa Weleschuk, TCMD, RAc. The NCCAOM is granting 27 CEU's. For details, call 204/254-3729 or visit www.vitalprinciple.ca.

On Nov. 9, 2013, Alternative Medicine Seminars will hold a one-day workshop for learning and practicing the SAAT (Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment ). This technique will enable the practitioner to treat any allergy using just one Auricular treatment, utilizing just one Auricular needle. Elimination of the allergy will be accomplished within three weeks with permanent results. Attendance is limited for better clinical experience. Log onto www.alternativemedicineseminars.com for the 2013 fall schedule. The schedule includes weekend seminars in Auricular therapy, Auricular medicine, three-phase hand acupuncture, and Vascular Autonomic Signal workshop, in addition to the SAAT.

Attention all DABMA designees: The ABMA is into the second year of certification renewals. More recent Diplomates have been completing the renewal process quicker, as they are aware of the requirements and are prepared to meet them. As a reminder, you must document completion of 150 hours of continuing education credits in medical acupuncture-related courses at the time of re-certification. Those who are short are asked to complete those credits before your certification comes up for renewal.

Joseph M. Helms, MD, FAAMA, reminds members that details on upcoming Helms Medical Institute courses can be found at http://www.hmiacupuncture.com.

Member Melinda Mingus, MD, of New York, NY, sent the following note to AAMA: “I have attended four other meetings in 2013, and I want to say that the AAMA Dr MingusSymposium in Baltimore, MD was the best of any meeting I attended this year, and it was better than any prior AAMA Symposium that I can recall. While I did fill out a Symposium evaluation, I feel that I did not adequately express what an excellent job the Symposium chair and planners did. The chair and vice chair, Drs. Jay Sandweiss and Yuan-Chi Lin, executed a memorable meeting; not just in the program content (which was excellent), but also with the ample and varied refreshments. I enjoyed the great wine tasting and fun at the banquet, where everyone seemed to have a good time. The networking opportunities were plentiful, and I came away with many new friends. I just want to say thank you, and I hope to attend next year's Symposium in Denver, CO, as well.”

The 26th Annual AAMA Symposium will be held at the Grand Hyatt Denver, 1750 Welton St., Denver, CO 80202. The Review Course will be on April 8-9, 2014; Pre-Symposium on April 10, 2014, the Symposium April 11-13, and the Board Certification Exam on April 13, 2014. Yuan-Chi Lin, MD, FAAMA, will be chair and Richard Hobbs, MD, vice chair.

The Academy has hosted these free webinars for members. "Getting Started: Setting Up an Acupuncture Practice" by Dr. Claudia Harsh; "How To Get Paid: Reimbursement Principles and Pearls for Workers Compensation and Accidents" by John P. Kohler, MD, FAAMA; "Billing 101 -- The Basics of Getting Paid," by Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA, “Acupuncture Trauma Protocol” by Mitchell Elkiss, DO, FAAMA; and “Advanced Auricular Therapy: Enhanced Clinical Results” and “Acupuncture Related Techniques for Sports and Pain Medicine,” by Bryan L. Frank, MD, FAAMA. They will be archived in the Member Area of the AAMA website.

The National Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Bucharest, the Romanian Acupuncture Society and the Romanian Homeopathy Society, announce The 3rd National Congress of Integrative Medicine with International Participation, the 23rd National Congress of Acupuncture and the 28th National Congress of Homeopathy, Nov. 7-10, 2013 in Bucharest, Romania.

Bryan L. Frank, MD, FAAMA, will present a seminar on Auricular Therapy to the VA Medical Center in Murfreesboro, TN Sept. 13-14. He will then lead a seminar on Auricular Medicine to the VA Medical Center in Murfreesboro, TN Sept. 14-15. Details at www.AuricularTherapy.com.

As part of AAMA membership, members are being offered access to more than 400 journal articles categorized by disease/health application that promote the efficacy of acupuncture. Contact The Helms Medical Institute at mafp@hmieducation.com to obtain your unique password to access this information anytime. Then go to http://hmieducation.com/home and click on "Published Articles." Scroll down to "View Articles Not in the Public Domain."

Please send news items and photos to bart.ortberg@dowdenmanagement.com.

AAMA Chapter News

Arizona Chapter meetings are held at 9 am the second Saturday of the month at Dr. Martha Grout’s office, Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine, 9328 E. Raintree Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. For details, call 480/240-2600 or e-mail drmartha@arizonaadvancedmedicine.com. There are monthly speakers on topics related to medical acupuncture, as well as Chinese and Functional/Integrative medicine. Email Dr. Grout to get on the email list for meeting announcements.

The Georgia Association of Medical Acupuncturists invites everyone to visit their website to learn more about their organization’s philosophy, mission, events and much more. Their site includes a “Member” page, which includes contact information for each GAMA member. For information regarding membership and seminars, contact GAMA President Carlos Parrado, MD, at parrado.pena@att.net.

The goal of President Lorene Wu, MD, DiplAc, and Secretary/Treasurer Anthony DeLorenzo, DO is to provide education and support to members. TheyJeffrey Yuen plan to interface more with the wider acupuncture community by serving on the Illinois Acupuncture Board and by attending meetings of the local acupuncture society.

The chapter is planning an event with Jeffrey Yuen in April 2014. He is director of classical studies at the College of Chinese Medical Arts. Watch for more details in future issues.

Meetings are held every other month at Memorial Hospital in LaGrange, IL.

The Maryland Society of Medical Acupuncture is pleased to announce that Raphael Nogier, MD, has agreed to come back to Maryland in 2013 for another seminar. If you are interested, contact either President Joan Ordman, MD, FAAMA, or John Howard at the Maryland Acupuncture Clinic, www.mdacuclinic.com, (301) 515-7272.

The MSMA is planning the following upcoming speakers

1. Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH, on his recent visit to China to discuss acupuncture with the Chinese Military. TBA

2. Dr. Nasir Bashirelahi, Professor, University of Maryland School of Dentistry on Nutrition for Antiaging.

3. Joan Ordman, MD, FAAMA, Inpatient Acupuncture treatments on the newly injured Wounded Warriors returning from the battlefield.

The Chapter offers educational programs and wants to increase participation. Treat yourself to a nice evening. It is free, and members whose dues are paid receive a nice free meal. The lecture is on the Chapter. Contact Dr. Ordman at jordman@aol.com to join MSMA.

The Ohio Chapter intends to hold more acupuncture seminars in 2013. Members would love to see more active participation of the current membership, as well as new members. Please join them and invite medical acupuncture colleagues. For more information or questions, contact President Dr. Steve Amoils at Steve.Amoils@myhealingpartner.com.

New Jersey & Pennsylvania
John Kohler, MD, FAAMA, is the president of the Pennsylvania Chapter. Visit www.pamedicalacupuncture.com/ for details on this chapter.

Click here for an up-to-date listing of AAMA Regional Chapter officers, their contact information, Websites and members. Think about joining a Chapter to learn more about medical acupuncture specific to your area. And if there’s not a Chapter in your region, please consider forming one by contacting Jim Dowden, AAMA executive administrator, at administrator@medicalacupuncture.org. Chapters provide fellowship, professional camaraderie, education and curbside consults.

Chapter representatives, please send your news and photos for the AAMA Newsletter via e-mail to bart.ortberg@dowdenmanagement.com.

Employment Opportunties

•Wanted: MD/acupuncturist to join holistic medical practice/offices in Roseville and Auburn, CA, 20 and 30 minutes from Sacramento, CA, respectively. Practice is very lucrative, and both offices are roomy, sunny, with lots of windows. Busy five days/week doing Five Element Acupuncture since 1974, with Jeffrey D. Kauffman, MD, having studied and apprenticed with the Master, Dr. J R Worsley from that date till he passed on in 2003. Dr. Kauffman is happy to teach Five Element Acupuncture. Sacramento has two big rivers in its center, and is 1.5 hrs from San Francisco, and 2 hours from Lake Tahoe, a great area to settle down, raise a family, and have fun. Call 916/202-8158 and/or check out http://www.drkauffman.com.

•Rare practice opportunity for a qualified physician acupuncturist. Lowell E. Kobrin, MD, PhD, is planning to retire within the next 18 months. Assume a 25-year thriving general medical acupuncture practice at North Bend Medical Center on the southern Oregon coast. Built-in referrals from more than 30 physicians, plus a large patient base encompassing three counties. Visit Dr. Kobrin for a VIP tour, meet other physicians and spend a day or two checking out his practice. 541/290-1888, lekobrin@earthlink.net


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