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January 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents - January 2017

AAMA Committees: An Introduction and an Invitation

Dear new, long-term, and future AAMA members, 

Each month, a member of the AAMA Board takes a corner of the newsletter to send a message to members of the organization. I’m pleased to launch the new year with my best wishes for a Happy 2017 for our association and our members. 

This year marks my 20th year of practicing acupuncture. I completed Joe Helm’s Medical Acupuncture for Physicians course (twice!) in 1996-1997, and I have been practicing and teaching medical acupuncture ever since. I have practiced within a large hospital system, in a small private practice, in inpatient and outpatient settings, in specialty areas such as oncology and fertility, seeing patients in groups and as individuals, and now, within the VA, where medical acupuncture has taken on great significance. 

I never understood the breadth and depth of the world of medical acupuncture until I became involved in AAMA leadership three years ago. Always a member, I was encouraged to get more involved by our former president, Sandi Amoils. 

For those of you who have never been part of the Board or on an AAMA committee, I promise you that volunteering for a committee can give back more than a feeling of altruism. You will learn from videos you review (Continuing Ed and CME committees), have a chance to reach out to colleagues (Membership Committee), or enjoy the excitement of planning and executing our incredible Annual Symposium (Symposium Committee). To give you a better idea of the volunteer options, here are some popular committees and their missions: 

  1. CME Committee: To develop policies and procedures to assure that the educational activities of the Academy are developed and offered in a manner consistent with the requirements of the ACCME.  
  2. Continuing Education Committee: To develop and offer quality postgraduate seminars and workshops to meet the identified educational needs of members.  
  3. Membership Committee: To develop and oversee a membership recruitment and membership retention program to attract and maintain the greatest possible number of members. 
  4. Symposium Committee: The Symposium Program committee is charged with assessing member educational needs; developing a Symposium educational event to address those needs; assessing the extent to which those needs are met; and, otherwise contributing to the educational mission of the Academy. 

Which committee do you see yourself on? There are additional committees listed on the AAMA website. As you know, medical acupuncturists are special people. Come and spend time and hone your skills with other medical acupuncturists. We would love to have your skills and perspective! 

Nancy Cotter, MD
AAMA Board of Directors

Lights. Camera. Acupuncture! AAMA’s New “Expert Video” Project

Here’s an easy opportunity to get involved in the AAMA with minimal time commitment (only one hour only!) using information you already know.   

At the 2017 Annual Symposium, the AAMA will be creating videos on the utility of acupuncture showcasing members' (that’s YOU) clinical expertise. The videos will be only 2-3 minutes in length. We are asking for a time commitment from you of under one hour to make this work. If you can spare just one teeny, tiny little hour, we would appreciate your help.   

Why should you contribute? The AAMA Board is looking for additional ways to support members, promote medical acupuncture, create media that can be used as sound-bites in a variety of ways, and provide video tools for AAMA members. As members, you will be able to use the videos to populate your own websites, advertise for any talks/lectures you might be giving, as educational components during a talk, or as advertising for potential patients. That’s a lot of bang for only one short hour of your time! 

How can you help make this project a success? 

1 minute: Review the topic list to see if there’s one that aligns with an area of specialty or interest. If there is a topic you’d like to add to the list and speak about, please write that in. 

5 minutes: Fill out the brief survey, signing up to speak about that topic. (Find survey here.

30-40 minutes: Create a 2-minute talk on the topic of your choice. Write down what you will say and time yourself as you rehearse so that it is approximately 2 minutes. Consider including any/some of the following components: How does acupuncture work for this complaint? Can you provide example patient scenarios that you have treated with this complaint? Can you share patient feedback from those patients who have had this complaint? Patient quotes would be powerful to include. This does NOT need to be a lecture, but citing a paper or research might also be powerful in this context. It might also be helpful to pretend you are speaking to a new patient who has this condition: what questions might they have (or have they had) and how might you answer those questions?   

10-15 minutes: Come to the symposium ready to record your talk. We will have the equipment set up and ready to roll, so this is something you can do quickly during one of the breaks between sessions.   

That’s it! In less than one hour, you will help your colleagues, promote medical acupuncture, and create a video that can be used for the benefit of the academy, your colleagues, and yourself. We will produce, edit, and finalize the video at the meeting. And you will have access to ALL the videos created and can use them at your discretion for as long as your AAMA membership is active.   

Suggested “Expert Video” Topics: 

  • ALS: reducing pain and improving energy 
  • Anxiety 
  • Arthritis 
  • BFA 
  • Chemotherapy side effects 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation 
  • Fatigue 
  • GI complaints (diarrhea, constipation, pain, bloating) 
  • Holiday stress 
  • Infertility in women 
  • Infertility in men 
  • Insomnia 
  • Macular degeneration 
  • MS: reducing pain and improving energy 
  • Pain 
  • PTSD 
  • SAD 
  • Seasonal allergies 
  • Acute and chronic sprains and strains 
  • Post exercise soreness 
  • Post surgical nausea/ vomiting/ malaise 
  • PMS 
  • Tinnitus 
  • Urinary issues: urgency and frequency 
  • What does being an AAMA member means to me? 
  • What do I attend the AAMA Annual Symposium? 
  • Write-in topic(s)   

Welcome New AAMA Members

As the practice of medical acupuncture continues to grow, so too does the AAMA’s membership. Please join us in welcoming the following new members who became part of the the AAMA in December 2016: 

  • Gary Howerton, MD, Bowling Green, KY 
  • Paul N. Langevin, DO, Fairhope, AL 
  • Andrew Yuri Robinson, MD, Travis AFB, CA 
  • Masumi Kaye Wilroy, DO, Gering, NE 
  • Helen C. Ly, Memphis, TN 
  • Amy C. Ly, MD, Memphis, TN 
  • David Carr, MD, PhD, New York, NY 
  • Arthur John de Lorimier, MD, Sacramento, CA 

If you have peers or colleagues who aren’t members of the AAMA, please encourage them to learn more about the benefits of membership by visiting the website or contacting Thomas Etges, MD, the membership committee chair.   

AAMA Website – Annual Wrap-Up

The AAMA website had 148,599 views in 2016. Of those, 120,080 were by new users. Website traffic averages for the year were 80.8% new visitors and 19.5% returning visitors. The average number of pages accessed per session was 1.95. Monthly visits vary based on AAMA campaigns, referrals from other websites, general interest in the practice and other variables, including current events and mainstream media. This year, September had the highest website views.   

Visitors from the following countries made up the bulk of the AAMA’s web audience this year. In order of frequency, with the U.S. far outpacing the other countries: 

  1. US 
  2. India 
  3. Canada 
  4. United Kingdom 
  5. Australia   

One landing page stands out as the most popular content by far. The AAMA’s “Find an Acupuncturist” search function had 54,685 views. Informational article — “Dr. What’s this Acupuncture all about?”— was a distant second in terms of content popularity. Of social media formats, Facebook drove the most traffic to the website.   

AAMA Member Joins American Health Council Board

Dr. Anas Hana, Internist/Medical Acupuncturist/Owner at Hana Holistic Medical Center, has been selected to join the Physician Board at the American Health Council. Dr. Hana will be sharing his knowledge and expertise in the fields of Internal Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine. Read more.    

2017 Annual Symposium Program Available!

The theme of the AAMA’s next Annual Symposium is: “Deepen your theory. Sharpen your practice.” The program-at-a-glance is now online! The 29th Annual AAMA Symposium will be held April 6-9, 2017 at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We also have hotel information for the Symposium on the website now for early-bird pricing. (The hotel deadline is March 12, 2017, or when the block sells out. Book your room early to avoid having to stay at a different hotel.)  

Register Now for Optional Pre-Symposium Workshops

Register now for an extra day of professional development during your stay in Pittsburgh for the Annual Symposium. The following optional workshops are available for an added fee: 

  1. Principles and Applications of Osteopathic Manipulation for Medical Acupuncturists: A Dozen and more treatment techniques to use Monday Morning — presented by Jay Sandweiss, DO, FAAMA 
  2. Auricular Causative Diagnosis: Approach for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Locomotor Conditions — presented by Nadia Volf, MD, PhD and Leonid Ferdman, MD 
  3. Master Tung's Magic Points — presented by Susan Johnson, Lac 
  4. Pediatric Acupuncture and Shonishin — presented by Raven Lang, OMD, Lac   

Time is Running Out: Submit Your Entry Now for the AAMA’s Annual Acupuncture Research Paper Competition

Entries for the annual Acupuncture Research Paper competition are now being accepted. The application deadline to present a Research Paper at the 2017 AAMA Annual Symposium at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA, is January 27, 2017. Submissions must be original work, in either clinical research or basic biochemical or physiological research pertaining to acupuncture. We are pleased to offer:  

  • First Place: $1,500 stipend, Symposium Registration, travel reimbursement up to $500, and three night's hotel lodging for the presenting author. Paper to be presented at AAMA Symposium in Pittsburgh, April 2017. 
  • Second Place: $750 stipend, Symposium Registration, travel reimbursement up to $500. 
  • Third Place: $350 stipend and Symposium Registration.        

Time is Running Out: Submit Your Entry Now for the AAMA’s Annual Poster Presentation

Members are invited to submit an abstract to present a Poster Presentation at the AAMA 2017 Symposium, at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown in Pittsburgh, PA, April 6-9, 2017. Please follow all instructions carefully to allow your application to be fully considered. Space and time are limited. Poster Presentations must be submitted in English. Deadline for submissions: January 27, 2017. If your poster application is accepted, you will be notified by February 17, 2017. Posters will be displayed during the Saturday, April 8th reception. While there is no organized or moderated discussion over posters, you should be available to offer your explanation to interested colleagues during the reception. In order to be eligible to win an award, you must be present to present your poster during the reception.    

2017 Medical Acupuncture Review Course

The Medical Acupuncture Review Course has been developed to provide a broad-based refresher course on the major subject matter areas with which a well-trained physician should be familiar. The Review Course is especially useful as a refresher for those who obtained their acupuncture training some time ago and for those who are seeking an organized review prior to taking the ABMA Board Certification Examination. The overall objectives of the Review Course are to: Review and solidify previously acquired knowledge and experience in medical acupuncture. Reinforce understanding of the basic material appropriate for a physician practicing acupuncture in North America. Refresh the participant’s exposure and awareness of certain specialized aspects of acupuncture not always utilized in traditional practice settings.      

SAR 2017 Conference Details: San Francisco in April

The theme for Society for Acupuncture Research’s 2017 conference will explore how personalized medicine influences, and is informed by, research on acupuncture and traditional East Asian medicine. The conference is designed to be a high-quality innovative event that attracts an international audience. The conference program will contain multiple plenary lectures that will directly address current basic, clinical, and translational research in acupuncture. The program will also include workshops and presentations of original research, in acupuncture and allied traditional East Asian modalities, including clinical trials; basic science; and research methodology, which will be presented by members of the national and international research communities in the form or oral and poster presentations. 

Publicize Regional and Local Events/Conferences

Are you hosting or attending a medical acupuncture (or related) conference that would be of interest to AAMA members? Please reach out to Social Committee Chair Leslie Smith ( and let her know about it. We would love to share this information with followers on Facebook and Twitter! 

Acupuncture-related Research and News

Inpatient Acupuncture at a Major Cancer Center
Conclusions: Patients who received inpatient acupuncture at a major cancer center experienced significant improvement after treatment for pain, sleep disturbance, anxiety, drowsiness, nausea, and fatigue. (Research performed at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.)


Journal CME

Medical Acupuncture, the Official Journal of the AAMA, now contains selected articles that are approved for 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™Mary Ann Liebert, Inc publishers anticipates that 6 articles per year will carry CME credit. 

CME credit is available for free to AAMA members and available to other subscribers and readers for a small fee. 

Click here to access current and past issues of Medical Acupuncture.

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