February 2015 Newsletter

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A Message from the AAMA President

The AAMA represents a valuable opportunity to be affiliated with like-minded professionals. Membership confers opportunities to enhance your clinical skills, scientific understanding and patient care.

Do you know that last year our membership and Board unanimously approved an amendment to our membership categories to include allied health professionals? We carefully considered this change, as our organization is representative of highly trained medical professionals who are accountable to high standards of medical care.

Realizing these ideals, we want to make our organization more inclusive as we move into 2015.

As a reminder, here are the new categories of membership:

  • Physicians, dentists, podiatrists and veterinarians licensed in the US or Canada who have an interest in medical acupuncture
  • Physicians, MDs or DOs, trained and licensed in other countries but practicing in the US as licensed acupuncturists.
  • Physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists with appropriate medical acupuncture training who are active duty military, are practicing in VA or DOD facilities and institutions or are licensed to practice acupuncture in their state.
  • Persons with a graduate research degree (PhD or EdD) with an interest in medical acupuncture.

Our membership committee is a small organization of volunteers. Please help us to spread the word! We would like to let these allied medical professionals know what a difference it makes to belong to an organization like the AAMA.

Membership has lots of benefits, including the “Crown Jewel” – our annual Symposium. The next one is coming up in April in St Louis. I hope to see you there!


Sandi Amoils

New Scientific Research

Don't forget: The AAMA website has a section devoted to current scientific research that may be relevant to your medical acupuncture practice. Check back often to read about these and other industry developments, such as the following recently posted topics: 

Acupuncture for Vascular Dementia: A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial. (Hindawi)
Our study shows that additional acupuncture to routine care may have beneficial effects on the improvements of cognitive status and activities of daily living but have limited efficacy on health-related quality of life in VaD patients.

Effectiveness of Acupuncture as an Adjunctive Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus: A Randomized Controlled Trial. (Medical Acupuncture)
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic debilitating disease and a common problem for Indonesian people. Medical care for DM is multifaceted, so complementary and alternative medicine may be beneficial for people with diabetes.

Somatosensory stimulation and assisted reproduction. (Acupuncture in Medicine)
The role of somatosensory stimulation (acupuncture and related techniques) as an adjunct to assisted reproductive technology (ART) has been hotly debated over the past decade. 

Annual Symposium - Friday Highlights

This year's annual symposium launches with a strong Friday, full of compelling topics and informative lectures. If you haven't read the full agenda, here's a preview of Friday morning's line-up: 

  • "Bridging Ancient and Modern science in the 21st Century (Restoring the Physician role to Chinese Medicine)" - Ed Neal, MD
  • "Constitutional and Conditional Pulse Diagnosis" - Peter Eckman, MD
  • "Shonishin: Japanese Style Acupuncture for Pediatric Patient" - Thomas Wernicke, MD
  • "Acupuncture for chronic pain: definitive evidence on the placebo question" - Hugh MacPherson, PhD

Read the full program and register today.

Can't Attend the Symposium? Board Review Course DVDs Available

The Medical Acupuncture Review Course has been developed to provide a broad-based refresher course on the major subject matter areas with which a well-trained physician should be familiar. The Review Course is especially useful as a refresher for those who obtained their acupuncture training some time ago and for those who are seeking an organized review prior to taking the ABMA Board Certification Examination. The material presented at the Review Course is presented on these 12 DVDs. Buy them now and watch in the comfort of your home or office. 

AAMA Facebook Page Nears 300 "Likes" 

As more and more members like the AAMA page, activity and interaction is increasing. Help us reach 300 and beyond. Share the page with your peers in acupuncture today. Join the conversation. 

Symposium Brochure

Program brochure for the 2019 Symposium is available. Click on the image below to download.

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