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April 2019 Newsletter

Table of Contents – April 2019

Reflections on the AAMA Annual Symposium

Wow! What an awesome annual symposium in Phoenix! 

Going to the Annual Symposium always richly enhances our professional lives on many levels. It serves to recharge batteries, grow networks, and provide excellent learning opportunities. Coming home this week allowed me to reflect on some of the moments of this particular symposium and personal takeaways.   

As physician acupuncturists, we know — and research has shown — that practicing acupuncture assists in professional satisfaction and charging one’s batteries. However, that experience multiplies exponentially when we sit with friends we have not seen, catch up on one another’s family happenings and, of course, witness Dr. Aung’s beautiful calligraphy work or practice Qigong with masters such as Dr. Aung and Dr. De La Torre. And what about the dancing? Oh my, AAMA members have some moves! The bottom line … we had fun. Time to relax and enjoy one another is crucial in combating the grind of everyday frustrations, combating irritations of electronic medical records, combating the minutia of insurance pre-authorizations, and combating all the other administrative tasks that interfere with taking care of patients.  

This year’s symposium focused on our wellness in addition to the wellness of our patients. It reminded us that, in order to care for others, we must stay balanced and well. We invite you to keep in touch throughout the year, keep doing things for your own wellness and stay healthy. Networking (or sometimes stalking!) is another great opportunity the symposium provides. We get to meet and visit with some big names and neighbors in our acupuncture world. We have the privilege of sitting with them at dinner or over drinks, picking their brains, and getting to know them. Personally, I was fascinated by everyone’s approachability and eagerness to share stories and tips.  

The AAMA Membership Committee had a brilliant idea. On two mornings during the symposium, they arranged breakfast tables in regional groupings. This alignment of regional individuals introduced us to those in our area who may be practicing just down the road. Through regional collaboration, we can also take on legislative challenges that affect us. It is much easier to rally folks you know around issues of importance than it is to make cold calls. Kudos membership committee! I think meeting regional members is an excellent opportunity for both clinical and legislative support. 

Lastly, the educational opportunity was amazing! For those who attended the Thursday Pre-symposium Workshop and the Symposium itself, almost 30 hours of CME were offered over the four days. The variety of topics and caliber of speakers were phenomenal. We learned about cutting-edge research with remapping of our brains, expanded functions of the cerebellum, how to set up a practice, and how to treat children with special needs, just to name a few. Amazing stuff! 

Perhaps for me, one of the most exciting announcements was the new Research Committee. Along with the promotion of active research, the Academy is sponsoring a two-year pilot research grant of up to $30,000. Awesome opportunity to accomplish real clinical research. This application will be due in the winter so look out for further updates. 

In my opinion, the Symposium Committee outdid themselves! This year’s experience was fabulous. These take-home pearls that I can use in my practice will last me the year through: 

  • Recharge. Not just during a week away but every day. 
  • Network. As a group we are approachable and we need each other. Whether it is to ask a clinical question from an expert or help fighting for practice privileges at the legislative level, these connections are critical.
  • Get excited! New things are happening. There are techniques to try, ideas to explore and research to accomplish.   

Can’t wait for next year!

Tammy Lindsay, MD, FAAMA
Vice President, AAMA Board of Directors 

Welcome New AAMA Members

Please join us in welcoming the following new members who became part of the AAMA in March 2019:

  • Brian J. Benjamin, MD, of Douglas, AK 
  • Carla Arieta, MD, Lac, of Alexandria, VA 
  • Hyung S. Kim, MD, of Granada Hills, CA 
  • Jenna Leigh Walters, MD, of Nashville, TN  

If you have peers or colleagues who aren’t currently members of the AAMA, please encourage them to learn more about the benefits of membership by visiting the website or contacting Sue Sorensen, MD, FAAMA, the Membership Committee Chair. 

Physicians Earn ABMA Certification

The following physicians recently met the stringent requirements of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA) and have achieved Board Certification in medical acupuncture. These doctors have earned the designation DABMA (Diplomate, American Board of Medical Acupuncture): 

  • Meghann Derosier, DO, DABMA, of Orono, ME
  • Brenda Golianu, MD, DABMA, of Stanford, CA
  • Keli B. Jones, MD, DABMA, of Winston Salem, NC
  • Vidya S. Yalamanchili, MD, DABMA, of Atlanta, GA 

Congratulations to Our Newly-elected AAMA Board Members & Officers

Ballots for the election of Officers, Board Members and new fellows were sent out to voting members ahead of the Annual Symposium. Voting occurred electronically so that all voting members could participate. If they could not attend the meeting in Phoenix, an electronic proxy form was provided so they could designate someone else to act in their stead at the meeting. The election results were ratified during the annual membership meeting at the Symposium. 

Newly Elected Board Officers:       

  • President: Freda Dreher, MD, FAAMA
  • Vice President: Tammy Lindsay, MD, FAAMA
  • Secretary: Douglass Powell, MD, FAAMA
  • Treasurer: Susan Sorensen, MD, FAAMA
  • Immediate Past President: Jerry LeGlue, MD, FAAMA       

Newly Elected to the Board:           

  • Brenda Golianu, MD, DABMA
  • Kendra Unger, MD, FAAMA

Please help us in thanking two members who are stepping down from the board after making excellent contributions to the AAMA.  

Retiring Board Members:

  • Thomas Burgoon, MD
  • Marshall Sager, DO, FAAMA 

New AAMA Fellows Elected

An election of new Fellows happens each year prior to the AAMA Annual Symposium. This year’s results were announced at the meeting in Phoenix. Our congratulations to the following new Fellows, who have earned the FAAMA distinction:   

  • Scott Clemensen, MD, FAAMA
  • Chelsea Hamilton, MD, FAAMA
  • Kendra Unger, MD, FAAMA 

AAMA Research Paper Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to our colleagues who authored the research papers selected as winners in the AAMA’s annual research competition.  

The first-place submission was authored by Alexandra Dimitrova, MD, MA, MCR, who presented her research on Sunday morning at the Symposium: “Nerve-Specific Local and Systemic Analgesic Effects of Acupuncture in Healthy Adults, Measured by Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST).” 

C. Leslie Smith, MS, MA, Lac, MD, DABMA, authored the second-place paper: “The Impact of Inpatient Acupuncture on a Mixed Hospital Unit: A Three-Month Trial.” 

Shiu-Lin Tsai, MD, authored the third-place paper: “Impact Study of An Innovative Workshop on Acupuncture for Children.” 

As a reminder, the top three submissions receive the following cash awards and prizes:  

  • First Place: $1,500 stipend, Symposium Registration, travel reimbursement up to $500, and three nights hotel lodging for the presenting author. Paper to be presented at the AAMA Symposium in Phoenix, April 2019.
  • Second Place: $750 stipend, Symposium Registration, travel reimbursement up to $500.
  • Third Place: $350 stipend and Symposium Registration.  

All members are invited to enter their eligible research in next year’s competition. Plan now to share your findings.  

AAMA Poster Competition Winners Announced

Each year, a member Review Committee judges the posters prior to the reception and determines the winning posters, which are announced during the reception at the AAMA’s Annual Symposium. The winners this year were:  

  1. First Place – “Development and Assessment of a Basic Acupuncture Curriculum for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians” by Jennifer J. Dilts, Anna Esparham, Madeline Boorigie, Mark Connelly, Jennifer Bickel. Affiliation: Children’s Mercy Kansas City, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine 
  2. Second Place – “A Scoping Review of Medical Acupuncture Training Requirements and Insurance Coverage” by Roselle Bleck, Melanie A. Gold, DO, DMQ, Johana Oviedo, MD, MPH, Carolyn L. Westhoff, MD, MSc. Affiliations: Bleck: Dept. of Health Policy & Management, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) NY, NY Gold: Dept. of Pediatrics, CUIMC; Heilbrunn Dept. of Population & Family Health, Mailman School of Public Health, CUIMC Oviedo: Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, CUIMC Westhoff: Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, CUIMC; Heilbrunn Dept. of Population & Family Health, Mailman School of Public Health, CUIMC 
  3. Third Place – “Battlefield Acupuncture Instead of Opioids for Abscess Drainage in the Pediatric Emergency Department” by Shiu-Lin Tsai, MD and Corinna Lin, MBS. Affiliations: Tsai: Columbia University College of Physicians and SurgeonsLin: Rutgers School of Graduate Studies at New Jersey Medical School

Congratulations to the Poster Competition winners! The AAMA values the poster competition submissions and participation in our organization.   

2019 Annual Symposium Recordings Available

Did you miss the 2019 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ? Did you forget to purchase recordings before leaving? If you weren’t able to attend this year – or if there was a specific session you missed – Symposium recordings are available for purchase either as individual sessions or for the Symposium as a whole.   

Types of Recordings Available: 

  • Audio – a voice recording only 
  • Video – a video recording
  • Sync PP – a video recording synchronized with a PowerPoint   

For a copy of the order form and additional information, click here.     

Call for Proposals: AAMA Annual Symposium 2020

The symposium committee is looking to our membership to broaden the variety and array of presentations in 2020. We invite you to submit a proposal for next year’s meeting. Learn more. The AAMA Annual Symposium will be held in Orlando, Florida, April 23-26, 2020. Deadline: May 15, 2019.  

Share Your Clinical Pearls: Pregnancy, Fertility, Labor and Delivery, and Postpartum

Medical Acupuncture, the official Journal of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, publishes an interactive section in each issue, Clinical Pearls. Each issue we pose a question on a particular topic and invite short submissions from experts in the field. We are seeking your opinion on how you treat Pregnancy, Fertility, Labor and Delivery, and Postpartum with Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbs, in your practice for possible publication in the next issue of the Journal. Please send your 500-750 word contribution in a Word document that contains your complete name, degrees, affiliation, mailing address, and full contact information, including telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address to Managing Editor Yael Ben-Porat by July 25, 2019.  

Register Now: Opioid Educational Webinar Series

Last month, the AAMA offered the first segment in a 4-part webinar series specifically designed to enhance our medical acupuncture practices for our patients who are experiencing pain. Three more webinars remain. Save the dates!  

Three 1-Hour Live Webinars:

All Webinars: 8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm CDT, 5:00 pm PDT
Presenter: Edward Lee, MD, FAAMA
Thursday, May 9, 2019: Part 2 – Beyond Pain Clinics and 12 Steps: New Paradigms of Pain and Addiction
Thursday, June 13, 2019: Part 3 – Integrative Management of Opioid Withdrawal
Thursday, July 10, 2019: Part 4 – Trauma: The Unifying Factor 

The presentations will include a review of the literature on the scope of the opioid crisis, including a discussion of the use of opioid therapy for chronic pain, the diagnosis of OUD, the social factors that contribute to the development of OUD and the barriers to treatment that patients encounter. It will also cover the neurological basis for chronic pain, addiction, and PTSD. The principles of Chinese Medicine as applied to OUD and the history of the use of acupuncture for OUD will be presented. The evidence on the use of acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain, addiction, and PTSD will be presented as well. Finally, case reports will be presented to facilitate learning. While this series was developed and intended for people to attend all sessions, you may choose to attend one or more as your schedule permits. Starting with the second webinar, a quick recap of the previous sessions will be included so each can be a stand-alone activity. The AAMA designates EACH of the four parts for a maximum of 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ each. The fee to participate in these activities is $60/members and $90/non-members for each part. Learn more and register.   

Register Now: Extraordinary Vessels and Curious Meridians Webinar Series

The AAMA has announced a new 4-part webinar series. You can attend each individually or all four. 

Four 1-Hour Live Webinars:

All webinars: 8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm CDT, 5:00 pm PDT
Presenter: Butch Levy, MD 
Wednesday, May 8, 2019: Part 1 – The Du Mai and Yang Qiao Mai
Wednesday, June 5, 2019: Part 2 – The Ren Mai/Yin Qiao Mai
Wednesday, June 26, 2019: Part 3 – The Chong Mai/Yin Wei Mai
Wednesday, July 24, 2019:   Part 4 – The Dai Mai/Yang Wei Mai 

Most practitioners have little knowledge of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. They are the reservoirs that can redistribute the Yuan or Source Qi. The Yuan Qi comes from the pre and postnatal Qi combined with Spleen Qi from Nourishment and Lung Qi from the air. By understanding that this Qi essence can be redistributed to areas in need or diminished when it is excessive can help balance a patient’s energy, strengthen deficient systems or decrease excess energy. Practitioners will be able to recognize if the Chong Mai / Yin Wei Mai Extra Vessels need balance, understand the correct needling techniques to create these effects and provide their patients a greater opportunity to reduce symptoms, improve energy and enhance the quality of their lives. The AAMA designates EACH of the 4 parts for a maximum of 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ each. The fee to participate in these activities is $60/members and $90/non-members for each part. Learn more and register. 

Live Acupuncture on CNN

How effective is acupuncture for reducing stress? As a teaser for Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s new series, Chasing Life (CNN, Saturdays at 9pm), John Berman and Alisyn Camerota received acupuncture while Gupta discussed the practice with the acupuncturist. A bit too playful, perhaps, but the light-hearted introduction reached millions. 

ICYMI: In Case You Missed it Last Month

AAMA Medical Acupuncture Research Committee Seeks Volunteers 
The AAMA Research Committee and the Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation (MARF) Grant program invite volunteers to help develop efforts to empower AAMA members to improve treatment approaches in their respective specialties by pursuing and publishing their acupuncture research. Contact Larissa Bresler, MD, DABMA, for more information.  

Help Build the AAMA and Earn $$
Don’t forget about the AAMA’s member-recruiting program designed to reward current members for referring peers to the AAMA for membership. If you nominate someone who joins as a full member, you’ll earn a $50 credit to use on future AAMA events, including the annual symposium, workshops, or apply to your own future membership dues. Read more on the AAMA website.   

Legislative Alerts about Acupuncture
If you become aware of legislative issues/bills being proposed in your state that would affect medical acupuncturists, please let the AAMA know. The Academy is following and actively engaged in several state-level legislative issues pertaining to acupuncture, but we need your help to alert us if you hear of anything pending. The sooner we know, the sooner we can review and engage if necessary. Reach out to the Academy by emailing info@medicalacupuncture.org or calling 310-379-8261.    

Professional Development Opportunities 

AAMA Extraordinary Vessels and Curious Meridians Webinar Series
Wednesday, May 8, 2019: Part 1 – The Du Mai and Yang Qiao Mai
Wednesday, June 5, 2019: Part 2 – The Ren Mai/Yin Qiao Mai
Wednesday, June 26, 2019: Part 3 – The Chong Mai/Yin Wei Mai
Wednesday, July 24, 2019:   Part 4 – The Dai Mai/Yang Wei Mai
All webinars: 8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm CDT, 5:00 pm PDT

AAMA Acupuncture & Opioids Webinar Series
Thursday, May 9, 2019: Part 2 – Beyond Pain Clinics and 12 Steps: New Paradigms of Pain and Addiction
Thursday, June 13, 2019: Part 3 – Integrative Management of Opioid Withdrawal
Thursday, July 10, 2019: Part 4 – Trauma: The Unifying Factor
Time for all 3 Webinars: 8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm CDT, 5:00 pm PDT 

Healing the Healer: Attaining Optimal Health through the Traditional Chinese Healing Highway 
New England Society of Medical Acupuncture and sponsored by the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture 
Hosted by the Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School 
Presented by Steven K. H. Aung, CM, AOE, MD, PhD, FAAFP 
June 1-2, 2019 
Boston Children’s Hospital, Waltham, MA

Introduction to Auriculotherapy
June 29-30, 2019, Concord, MA
Gary Stanton, MD, DABMA, FAAMA is a diplomate in auriculotherapy of the Inter University Diploma program (DIU) at the University of Paris XIII. This weekend course will be based primarily on the University of Paris model.     

Save the Date! 2020 AAMA Annual Symposium
Orlando, FL
April 24-27, 2020 

AAMA Website: Education Listings 
The AAMA maintains an ongoing calendar of educational events and professional development opportunities related to medical acupuncture. The calendar is accessible on the AAMA website. Members are encouraged to share events and calendar items from their regions and about educational topics that may be of wider interest among peers and fellow AAMA members.  

Medical Acupuncture Journal Updates

Most Recent Issue: Special Issue – Acupuncture to Foster Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (April 2019)  

Most-recent CME Articles (FREE for AAMA Members):

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Medical Acupuncture — Acupuncture for Pregnancy, Fertility, Labor and Delivery, and Postpartum
Deadline: 4/30/19
Our journal, Medical Acupuncture, is planning a special issue on how acupuncture helps women achieve healthy outcomes for pregnancy, infertility, labor and delivery, and postpartum.  In the interest of fostering an understanding of the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating couples with infertility and in managing pain and address adverse conditions from prenatal to postpartum, we invite submissions of original research and review articles. Please visit the Journal website for manuscript submission guidelines. We look forward to receiving your manuscripts and to your active participation in the Journal.   

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Medical Acupuncture — The Basic Science of Acupuncture
Deadline: 5/14/19
Our journal, Medical Acupuncture, is also planning a special issue on the basic science of acupuncture.In the interest of fostering an understanding of the underlying mechanisms and evidence for effectiveness of acupuncture, we invite submissions of original research and review articles, pertinent to the following:

  • Basic mechanisms and effects of laser acupuncture, electroacupuncture, and acupressure
  • Modulation of neurotransmitters
  • Modulation of brain networks (based on fMRI data, EEG, etc.)
  • Modulation of cardiovascular function
  • Effects on gastrointestinal motility, enzyme secretion, and gastric acid productionImmune effects
  • Endocrine effects
  • The role of histamine
  • Evidence for or against point specificity
  • Evidence for local effects
  • Physical evidence for or against the existence of acupuncture points and channels
  • Evidence for or against signaling and integrative functions
  • Mapping of auricular points (based on physiologic effects, fMRI data, biomarkers, etc.)
  • Illustrative examples of comparative effectiveness research 

Please visit the Journal website for manuscript submission guidelines. We look forward to receiving your manuscripts and to your active participation in the Journal.      

New Scientific Research

Acupuncture for the treatment of lower limb diabetic peripheral neuropathy: a systematic review
[Acupuncture in Medicine]
Acupuncture for DPN appears to improve symptoms. However, the application of acupuncture varies greatly, and the quality of included studies was generally low. Available studies have varying methodologies and different outcome measures. Further, suitably powered studies using appropriate DPN outcome measures are required.

Demographic and Clinical Factors Associated with Patient Adherence to Acupuncture Treatment
[The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Ahead of Print]
The rate of return to an acupuncture clinic for follow-up treatment was low (50%). Patient adherence to acupuncture follow-up treatments may be improved by clinical administrative protocols that formalize treatment plans and appointment scheduling.

Is it Possible for Acupuncture Analgesia Therapy to Become an Alternative Approach in Solving the Opioid Epidemic? A physician response to The BMJ’s “Should Doctor’s Recommend Acupuncture for Pain?” (March 2019)
[The BMJ]
“Is it possible for acupuncture analgesia therapy to become an alternative approach in solving the opioid epidemic? The answer is yes. Acupuncture has great potential for the management of pain and it is worth doing higher-quality research to confirm existing findings, which requires government support.” 

AAMA Live Webcast

Peter Dorsher, MSc, MD will present a live webcast "Acupuncture and Chronic Pain: Combining TCM & Biomechanics to Optimize Outcomes" on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 8:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm CST / 5:00 pm PST. Click here for more information.


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Symposium Recordings

Did you miss the 2019 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ? Did you forget to purchase recordings before leaving?  You can STILL purchase recordings - Stream or download videos.

Order today!

Resourceful Recordings

New Member Recruitment - Earn $50!

Do you know someone who could – and should – become an AAMA member? Earn $50 for yourself by getting them to join the Academy! 

Reach out to your colleagues, people you met in acupuncture training – people you know need to be involved with the Academy. YOU are the best Academy Membership Ambassador we have!
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Journal CME

Medical Acupuncture, the Official Journal of the AAMA, contains selected articles that are approved for 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™Mary Ann Liebert, Inc publishers anticipates that 6 articles per year will carry CME credit. 

CME credit is available for free to AAMA members and available to other subscribers and readers for a small fee. 

Click here to access current and past issues of Medical Acupuncture.