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April 2016 Newsletter

Table of Contents - April 2016   

Message from the AAMA Board

Highlights of 28th Annual Symposium

Thank you to all of you who attended the 28th annual symposium in Anaheim, CA. We had four days of extremely interesting plenary sessions and workshops. My thanks to Narda Robinson DO, DVM and Laura Bowman MD and their planning committee for producing another excellent symposium.

If you missed the symposium or attended but would like to review your favorite speakers from Anaheim, there are synched Powerpoint recordings available for most of the symposium presentations. An order form and link are available at the academy website.

I find it very helpful to review these presentations even though I already attended them at the symposium. So, looking for an update on practice management? Check out the workshops done by Sam Collins on coding and billing and Marilyn Allen’s “Navigating the Health Insurance Terrain”. Preparing a talk on acupuncture for your colleagues? Be sure to check out Toku Takahashi’s plenary session on “Somatoautonomic pathways regulating acupuncture effects in the gastrointestinal tract” and Tomas Ots’ meta analysis which he presented in his plenary session on “Segmental Anatomy”. Looking for new clinical pearls? Try Nadia Volf’s workshop on Auricular Therapy and Tomas Ots’ workshop on clinical approaches using segmental anatomy. Interested in the latest on Laser acupuncture therapy? See Peter Dorsher’s excellent presentation on this. Looking for inspiration and affirmation for what a truly great field of medicine we are in? Please look at veterinarian Jessica Rychel’s "One Health, One Acupuncture", an incredible video log of the rehabilitation with acupuncture of a series of animals slated for euthanasia. Also, in the same vein I recommend Joe Helms' founders lecture on ACUS 2016:The Nellis Project. The mission of ACUS Foundation is to educate military physicians in the science and art of acupuncture and to facilitate its integration into conventional military care. The goal of the project is to create a military medical culture that thinks of acupuncture as a first option rather than a last resort. You can find out more about this remarkable project and see some of the video patient logs that Joe presented at

Actually, I realize I would have to name all of the presentations as ones I would recommend. Each one contributed something unique and valuable. I am grateful to all of our presenters who gave their time and effort to come to Anaheim and to share their remarkable work. For those of us who were there and want to re attend these presentations and for those of you who weren’t able to be there, I recommend going reviewing this order form and purchasing an audio mp3 or video mp4 of the symposium. The funds that are generated from purchasing these help defray the cost of archiving these important presentations. Your purchase helps support the academy’s mission, helps us to preserve the work presented at the symposium and gives you a great source for continuing education.

Next year’s symposium will be in Pittsburgh April 6-9, 2017. Mark your calendar and plan now to be there!

Thomas Burgoon, MD, DABMA 
President AAMA

AAMA Poster Competition Winners Announced

A total of 9 abstracts were accepted for competition and presentation as part of this year’s competition and awards reception at the Annual Symposium. A three- member Review Committee judged the posters prior to the reception and determined the winning posters, which were announced during the reception. See photos from the poster presentations in the Annual Symposium photo gallery.    

  • 1st Place ($500): "Battlefield Acupuncture and Traditional Acupuncture: A Treatment Option for Pain in the Pediatric Emergency Department"
    Shiu-Lin Tsai, MD, Elena Reynoso, MD, Li Li, MD and Da Wi Shin   
  • 2nd Place ($250): "Acupuncture Case Study: Recovery from Vegetative State and Stroke"
    Michelle Homyak, MD, VA MC Pittsburgh, PA   
  • 3rd Place ($100): "Acupuncture for Recovery from Pediatric Sport-Related Concussion"
    Katerina Lin and Cynthia Tung, MD, MPH, Medical Acupuncture Service, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital; Harvard Medical School   

New AAMA Fellows Elected

An election of new Fellows happens prior to the AAMA Annual Symposium. This year’s results were announced at the Anaheim meeting. Our congratulations to the following new Fellows, who have earned the FAAMA distinction: 

  • Tammy Lindsay, MD, DABMA, Van Buren, MO 
  • Heather Pickett, DO, DABMA, Las Vegas, NV 
  • Mary Vandenberg-Wolf, MD, DABMA, Bala Cynwyd, PA 
  • Danny Whu, MD, DABMA, Loxahatchee, FL   

Physicians Earn DABMA Certifications

The following physicians recently met the stringent requirements of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA) and have achieved Board Certification in medical acupuncture. These doctors have earned the designation DABMA (Diplomate, American Board of Medical Acupuncture): Meredith R. Brooks, MD, of Arlington, TX; Iliana I. Robinson, MD, of Wynnewood, PA; Christine Nielson, MD, of Vero Beach, FL; and Nancy Lorenzini, MD, of Hiawatha, IA.   

Physician Completes 10-year ABMA Recertification Process

The following physician completed the process ( set by the American Board of Medical Acupuncture Board of Trustees to be recertified as a Diplomate for another 10 years: Peter J. Degnan, MD, DABMA, of Dover, NH.  

New Scientific Research  

The Effects Of Acupuncture On Nausea And Vomiting And Consumption Of Propofol In Cesarean Section Performed With Spinal Anesthesia
(Medical Science & Discovery)
The acupuncture applied perioperatively on P6 point in order to prevent nausea and vomiting in the cesarean section performed with spinal anesthesia is an effective method and also reduces the amount of propofol which will be used to prevent intraoperative vomiting. 

Electro-Acupuncture Promotes Endogenous Multipotential Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mobilization into the Peripheral Blood
(Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry)
Mobilization of endogenous stem cells is an appealing strategy for cell therapy However, there is little evidence for reproducible, effective methods of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) mobilization. In the present study, we investigated the mobilizing effect of electro-acupuncture (EA) on endogenous MSCs. Conclusions: MSCs with multi-lineage differentiation potential can be mobilized by EA. Our data provide a promising strategy for MSC mobilization. 

2016 Symposium Photos

Symposium Recordings

Did you miss the 2019 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ? Did you forget to purchase recordings before leaving?  You can STILL purchase recordings - Stream or download videos.

Order today!

Resourceful Recordings

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