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June 2013 Newsletter

AAMA e-Newsletter -- June 2013

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President's Message

25th Annual Symposium celebrated with outstanding faculty, banquet, more

By Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA
President, AAMA

Well, having returned not long ago from the 25th Annual AAMA Symposium in Baltimore, MD, I have to say, what a great time we had! Nearly 300 people showed up forDr Ximenes this very special event, “Celebrating 25 Years of Medical Acupuncture.”

Chair Jay Sandweiss, DO, FAAMA, and the Symposium Committee really outdid themselves and put on one of the best symposiums we have ever had. The speakers were great, and the topics were more than relevant to our needs.

The food was outstanding, as this was the first time we have tried to make allowances for gluten free and veggie diets. It was certainly worth it.

Baltimore was beautiful, and we had some great Qigong sessions with Dr. Steven K.H. Aung on the water.

I think one of the outstanding events was the banquet. Drs. Marshall Sager and Sandi Amoils got together and really did a fantastic job of giving us something special. There was a wine tasting prior to the dinner, and we learned a lot from Mr. Mahoney, the steward/teacher.

My only wish is that it would have been great if more of you could have made it. You really missed a good one!

Best wishes!

25th Anniversary Symposium in Baltimore, MD was something special

The air was full of celebration as almost 300 healthcare professionals and exhibitors commemorated the special AAMA Symposium, “Celebrating 25 Years of Medical Acupuncture,” in Baltimore, MD.
Dr Sandweiss
Chair Jay Sandweiss, DO, FAAMA, and Pre-Symposium Chair Yuan-Chi Lin, MD, FAAMA, put together an informative program of sessions led by outstanding national and international faculty members. Highlights included timely and useful, clinical content, plenary, mini-workshops and indepth sessions exploring the latest research, master clinical techniques and new systems.

“I’ve been attending the Symposium since 1990, and I’m going to be here for our Gold Anniversary,” Dr. Sandweiss said. “We’re a family – special doctors. We’re healers. You went through all your training and then continued on to this specialty. But the patients – Do they love us?”

Dr. Sandweiss then burst out into an a cappella version of the song, “Do you love me?” amended to, “Do they love us?” from the, “Fiddler on the Roof,” musical. All different lyrics ending with “I suppose they do (love us),” he brought the house down in Baltimore.

New Leadership
In Baltimore, the following Board of Directors was elected for 2013-‘14:
• President Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA
• Vice President Sandi Amoils, MD
• Secretary Jay Abel-Horowitz, MD
• Treasurer Paras Mehta, MA

Re-elected as Board members for a two-year term were: Thomas Burgoon, MD, DABMA; Claudia Harsh, MD, and Marshall Sager, DO, FAAMA.

Newly elected directors for a two-year term were: Anna Kelly, MD, FAAMA, and Kit Lee, MD, FAAMA.

The Board of Directors and various committees are listed online.

Academy Finances
The treasurer’s report showed that in the first nine months of the Fiscal Year, Academy assets were $599,826 and liabilities $23,620, for a net worth of $576,206. Current net income is $258,937 before costs of the Symposium.

Treasurer Claudia Harsh, MD, noted that the Symposium is expected to break even financially this year, as in the past. The Academy is investigating new sources of income to offset expenses such as increasing the frequency of the Journal. Growing the membership base is vital to funding member programs and services. (See related article in this issue.)

New Fellows
Elected as Fellows in Baltimore were: Bruce Bigelow, MD, of Jackson, MI; Arkady Dubovoy, MD, of Glen Allen, VA; Lawrence P. Frank, MD, of Coral Springs, FL, and Maximilian Muenke, MD, of Bala Cynwyd, PADinner reception

Anniversary Celebration
New this year, the Dinner/Dance was included with the price of registration. Tables were full of wine glasses for the special tastings and presentations. This was followed by an evening of delicious food, presentations, dancing and mingling in the hotel’s festive ballroom Friday night.

An anniversary placard listing the Academy’s eight founding fathers was placed at each place setting on the banquet table. In addition, the special card listed founding members, past presidents, AAMA historical events, and 25 years of Symposium dates, chairs and locations. Drs. Joseph M. Helms and Lowell E. Kobrin were chairs of the first Symposium in 1989 in Philadelphia, PA.

Poster Competition
A Poster Presentation was held during the Wine & Cheese Reception and Calligraphy Demonstration/Silent Auction by Steven KH Aung. MD, PhD, on Saturday night. These winners were honored:

First Place ($750 prize) -- Claudia E. Harsh, MD
“Hormones or Acupuncture Needles?: Monitoring Anabolic/Catabolic Steroid Hormone Ratio Changes in Symptomatic Perimenopausal Women”

Second Place ($500 prize) -- Anna Kelly, MD, Leigh McClelland, LAc, Mark Lewinter, LAc and Laura Bowman, MD
“Pediatric Acupuncture in a Community Practice: A Nine-Year Experience”

•Third Place ($250 prize) -- Sergei H. Bluman, Irene H.Grant, MD
“The Effects of Acupuncture versus Wine on Cognitive Functions”

The Academy has syllabus available from the Symposium (print or CD format) and four Pre-Symposium workshops. There are also books available by Drs. Charles Moss and Steven and Sandi Amoils at discounted prices for Practice members, other books, and audio tapes from sessions in Baltimore. Click on those links to download order forms or call 310/364-0193 for more details.

2014 Symposium
Yuan-Chi Lin, MD, FAAMA, will be chair and Richard F. Hobbs, III, MD, FAAMA, vice chair of the 26th Annual AAMA Symposium at the Grand Hyatt Denver in Denver, CO. The Review Course will be on April 8-9, 2014; Pre-Symposium on April 10, 2014, the Symposium April 11-13, 2014, and the Board Certification Exam on April 13, 2014.

Faculty being considered for Denver include: Gabriel Stux, MD; Steven KH Aung, MD; John Reed, MD; Narda Robinson, DO; Jimmy WY Chang, LAc; Jay Sandweiss, DO; Francisco Lozano, MD; Patrick Mok, MD; May Loo, MD; Vitaly Napadow, PhD, LAc, and Gary Stanton, MD.

The State of AAMA presentations bring vital issues to forefront

Important issues facing the Academy -- such as improvements, goals and marketing -- were brought to the surface and discussed during AAMA’s Annual Membership Meeting in Baltimore.

Academy leaders noted that the Board is committed to improvement, to financial self-sufficiency and to greater member involvement. To that end, they plan to offer members:

• Quality programs and services
• Expanded educational opportunities
• Protected physician rights to practice

Increased Member Benefits
To give members more, the Education Committee has recruited several members to offer weekend workshops in 2012 and 2013, as well as several free educational webinars. This year, the Symposium featured more electronic options for content – sending presentations via email in advance and providing the Syllabus on disk. In addition, the Journal is being published six times/year, and the AAMA website is being redesigned.

AAMA Exposure
Members suggested that the Academy have membership meetings open to affiliates to get their input. They also said AAMA needs to promote the benefits of becoming a Practice member to affiliates. They were offered a waived application fee to upgrade.

Other suggestions to bolster growth included: Marketing AAMA, talking up the Academy, setting up a account, forming more regional chapters and speaking at club meetings. Members suggested contacting local chambers of commerce to get at list of service organizations looking for speakers.

“We all need to spread the word about the Academy to the public, to the medical community and to those physicians who practice acupuncture but are not yet AAMA members,” noted President Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA. “Please get involved in AAMA. It’s your association.”

Claudia Harsh, MD, also encouraged members to join the various committees, to suggest topics and present webinars, to help plan the Symposium, and to expand educational offerings.

AAMA asking for your help to increase membership

During the Annual Meeting at the Symposium, Membership Committee Chair Thomas Burgoon, MD, stressed the importance of the Academy continuing to grow.Dr Burgoon However, he noted as with many professional associations, AAMA is seeing 2% fewer members each year (from 1,485 in 2008 to 1,242 in 2013).

“We need membership dues. That’s our main source of revenue to provide services for members,” Dr. Burgoon said. “We are very frugal with your money. There are no perks for Board members. Not registration, travel, hotels, nothing. This is all strictly volunteer.”

The audience in the Annual Membership Meeting suggested targeting former Academy members to return could be fruitful. They also said potential members could be recruited out of training programs. Dr. Joseph M. Helms responded that all Helms Medical Institute graduates are listed on their website. HMI graduates 80-100 students twice/year.

AAMA needs 87 new members by June 30 to meet the 2012 membership total. Dr. Burgoon pleaded “we need your help. Look around and invite your peers. If each one of us recruited at least one fellow physician acupuncturist, we can double our membership in the next year.”

Contact Dr. Burgoon at for an invitation letter to use for recruiting that lists membership benefits.

Physicians earn Board Certification in Medical Acupuncture

The following physicians recently met the stringent requirements of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA) and have achieved Board Certification in medical acupuncture. They have earned the designation DABMA (Diplomate, American Board of Medical Acupuncture):

Robert S. Friedman, MD, of Charleston, SC; Catherine J. Kurosu, MD, of Kailua, HI; Joan Song-Nichols, DO, of Chandler, AZ; Amit Tailor, MD, of Rutherford, NJ, and Chi-Tsai Tang, MD, of St. Louis, MO

The Academy has a list posted online of physicians who are Board Certified. Diplomates (DABMA) are listed alphabetically by last name, along with their location, and dates of expiration.

More details on the Board Certification process are posted here.

Physicians complete process for 10-year ABMA recertification

The following physicians have completed the process set by the American Board of Medical Acupuncture Board of Trustees to be recertified as a Diplomate for another 10 years:

Richard A. Feely, DO, FAAMA, of Chicago, IL; Dinora Ingberman, MD, DABMA, of Skokie, IL; Henry F. Kenkel, MD, FAAMA, of Cincinnati, OH; and Joseph M. Helms, MD, FAAMA, of Berkeley, CA

After 10 years, each candidate for recertification was required to submit the following:

• Application for recertification.
• Copy of current active medical license.
• Documentation of 150 hours of continuing education credits in medical acupuncture since certification. CME credit is preferred. Topics must be primarily acupuncture. Independently awarded CEU credits may be acceptable, at the discretion of the Board.
• Submission of two written Case Reports on actual cases treated to demonstrate continued knowledge and proficiency in the discipline. Specific Case Report Guidelines will be provided.
• Payment of a recertification fee of $250.

There is no written examination required for recertification.

Applications for recertification should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the original certification to assure sufficient time for Board review and approval. Each submission is submitted to the Board for review to confirm the adequacy of the Case Reports and to confirm that the continuing education requirements were met.

For those designees who are unable to complete the process by the expiration date, an automatic extension of up to three years is available upon request.

AAMA looking for members to presenter webinars

The Academy continues to offer educational webinars as a value-add to membership in the organization and as such, needs your involvement.

If you have an interest in offering a webinar for the membership, please provide the title and a short summary for consideration by the Education Committee. Webinars are typically 45 minutes to an hour in length and can either be personal case presentations or literature reviews.
Dr Harsh
The Academy has hosted these free webinars for members: "Getting Started: Setting Up an Acupuncture Practice" by Dr. Claudia Harsh; "How To Get Paid: Reimbursement Principles and Pearls for Workers Compensation and Accidents" by John P. Kohler, MD, FAAMA; "Billing 101 -- The Basics of Getting Paid," by Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA, “Acupuncture Trauma Protocol” by Mitchell Elkiss, DO, FAAMA; and “Advanced Auricular Therapy: Enhanced Clinical Results” and “Acupuncture Related Techniques for Sports and Pain Medicine,” by Bryan L. Frank, MD, FAAMA.

Details on future webinars will be posted on the Academy’s website, in this newsletter and sent via email.

Come be a part of the 21st Century education. Send suggestions to AAMA staff or Dr. Claudia Harsh (

Medical Acupuncture Research News

The following is a review of reported research results and related news recently announced or released through Internet outlets:

•The abstract, “Electroacupuncture for Moderate and Severe Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): A Randomized Controlled Trial,” was published in PLOS One (April 13, 2013). This study evaluated effects of electroacupuncture (EA) on the International Prostate Symptom Score, postvoid residual urine and maximum urinary flow rate in 100 patients. Researchers concluded that EA improves quality of life and acupoint may have better therapeutic effects than non-acupoints in acupuncture treatments of BPH.

•The abstract, “Acupuncture and In Vitro Fertilization: A Retrospective Chart Review," was published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Jan. 30, 2013). Acupuncture was tested to increase live birth rates for women receiving IVF, in vitro fertilization. Researchers discovered that acupuncture increases the chances of producing a successful pregnancy for women receiving acupuncture on the day of the embryo transfer of donor eggs.

•The abstract, “Effects of electroacupuncture at Zusanli (ST36) on inflammatory cytokines in a rat model of smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,” was published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine (Feb. 27, 2013). This study applied electroacupuncture to lab rats exposed to lung damage from cigarette smoke. Acupuncture demonstrated a significant reduction in anti-inflammatory biochemicals. Researchers concluded that cytokine regulation and concomitant antioxidant effects may be responsible for benefits from acupuncture.

•The abstract, “The Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy,” was published in the Journal of Thai Traditional & Alternative Medicine (2013). A neurological examination combined with nerve conduction studies on patients with type-2 diabetes was quantified using the Michigan Diabetic Neuropathy Score. Patients receiving medications jumped to over a 90% effective rate when acupuncture was added. Researchers concluded that acupuncture dramatically improves the effects of a diabetes medication to treat diabetic neuropathy.

•The abstract, “Clinical observation on aligned needling in treating idiopathic blepharospasm,” was published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science (Vol. 11, No.2, 2013). The study observed clinical effects of aligned needling method in treating idiopathic blepharospasm in 78 patients involving 46 cases in two groups. The total effective rate was 93.5% in the treatment group vs. 75.0% in the control group, and the difference was statistically significant. Researchers concluded that aligned needling method applied to orbicularis oculi muscle has better therapeutic effect than anticonvulsants to treat blepharospasm.

•The abstract, “Acupuncture Versus Valproic Acid In The Prophylaxis Of Migraine Without Aura: A Prospective Controlled Study,” was published in Minerva Anestesiol (March 19, 2013). This study sought to compare the effectiveness of traditional acupuncture and valproic acid in migraine prophylaxis. Patients were divided into two groups of 50 in a controlled study for over a year. Researchers found a lower pain intensity and lower Rizatriptan intake at six-months follow-up, with no adverse events in acupuncture patients, compared to those treated with valproic acid.

•The abstract, “The Influence of Electro-Acupuncture Stimulation to Female Constipation Patients,” was published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine (Vol. 41, No. 02, 2013). The study compared electro-acupuncture (EA) stimulation with a sham acupuncture control group to resolve constipation in women ages 30-54 for eight weeks. Researchers concluded that benefits from EA on the autonomic nervous system and the improved bowel movement regularity warrant further research

Please send information you find on research involving the efficacy of medical acupuncture to

AAMA Member News

 The Academy is looking for volunteers interested in working on AAMA committees. Among those seeking volunteers are the Symposium Program Committee and the AAMA Membership Committee. Click here for a list of committees and responsibilities of each. Contact Executive Administrator James Dowden (, 310/364-0193) if you have questions or are interested in becoming more directly involved in a committee.

The Joint Incentive Fund approved funding to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Veterans Administration for $5.4 million to teach and evaluate Battlefield Acupuncture as designed by Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PHD, MPH, throughout the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration medical facilities. The funding request was written by John Baxter, MD, director of Flight Medicine, Pentagon, Washington DC and Dr. Niemtzow, director of the Air Force Acupuncture Center, Joint Base Andrews, MD. Both are medical acupuncturists. The funding is over two years.

If you are a Full Member or Fellow of the AAMA with DABMA certification, you should be printing the Medical Acupuncture certification mark on your stationary, business cards or other listings to promote your special accomplishments in medical acupuncture. The certification mark is available only to Full Members and Fellows of the AAMA who are currently Board Certified by the ABMA. The image of logo and instructions are posted online. The mark has been registered with the US Patent Office as a Certification Mark that is available for the exclusive use of those who meet the specified credentials. See the Certification Mark Guidelines posted online for standards on how the mark should be used in printed materials including acceptable type face, size, color, etc. For an electronic copy of a reproducible jpeg copy of the logo to provide your printer, Full Members and Fellows who are currently Board Certified through the ABMA may send a request to Upon verification of your status, a jpg file will be sent to you.Dr Frank

Bryan L Frank, MD, FAAMA, Past-President of AAMA, will lead missions to serve those with little or no access to healthcare around the world in 2013. Join Global Mission Partners for a project in Ecuador in July, Mexico in September or India in October/November. Travel with a purpose in 2013 .This may be the most fun you have had in medicine in years. Information at or

AAMA achieved a major new milestone this year: the Academy’s official Journal, Medical Acupuncture, goes from quarterly to bi-monthly – six times each year. Academy members receive the Journal free as part of their membership. Also, members have access to all back issues of the Journal published by the Mary Ann Liebert Co. when accessed through the Members Only section of the Academy’s website.

The New England Society of Medical Acupuncture, which is a regional affiliate of AAMA, will host Patrick Mok, MD, for “Korean Hand Acupuncture,” at Boston Children’s Hospital at Waltham in Waltham, MA, Saturday, June 15. This event is sponsored by AAMA, the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital; Harvard Medical School.

Thomas Burgoon, MD, DABMA, AAMA Membership Committee chair and Board of Directors member, says if each member recruits at least one fellow physician acupuncturist into the Academy, membership can double in the next year. So please make that a special priority to help support and promote physician acupuncture in the US.

The 10th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology, "Translational Science in Integrative Oncology: “From Bedside, to Bench, to Best Practices,” will be held in Vancouver, Canada, Oct. 20-22, 2013 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. It will be presented by the Society for Integrative Oncology and co-sponsored by the University of British Columbia Division of Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine and the University of British Columbia School of Nursing.

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Richard Niemtzow of the journal, Medical Acupuncture, is seeking volunteer reviewers to review manuscripts. Reviewers will access manuscripts online. Reviews must be completed and returned within one business week. Reviewers successfully completing a series of timely, high-quality reviews may be invited to join the Editorial Board (at the discretion of the editor in chief). Please send brief qualifications and contact information to

The International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) 2013 and 5th International Johannes Bischko Symposium for Acupuncture will be held Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2013 in Vienna, Austria. For more information on 30 years of ICMART and 60 years of the Austrian Acupuncture Society, click here or visit

Dr. Jay Sandweiss will be teaching in Paris and Nice, France, Sept. 20-21 and Sept. 27-28, respectively, as well as Oct. 12-13 and Nov 16-17 in Michigan. Details are posted here.

The 6th European Congress for Integrative Medicine (in conjunction with the German Congress for Integrative Medicine) will be held on Oct. 4-5, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. General Secretary Walburg Maric-Oehler, MD, reports that as a result of AAMA membership in ICMART, Academy members are eligible for 25% reduction on Congress fees. Academy members are urged to make plans to attend.

Attention all DABMA designees: The ABMA is into the second year of certification renewals. More recent Diplomates have been completing the renewal process quicker, as they are aware of the requirements and are prepared to meet them. As a reminder, you must document completion of 150 hours of continuing education credits in medical acupuncture-related courses at the time of re-certification. Those who are short are asked to complete those credits before your certification comes up for renewal.

Mark your calendar: The 26th Annual AAMA Symposium was just booked at the Grand Hyatt Denver, 1750 Welton St., Denver, CO 80202. The Review Course will be on April 8-9, 2014; Pre-Symposium on April 10, 2014, the Symposium April 11-13, and the Board Certification Exam on April 13, 2014. Yuan-Chi Lin, MD, FAAMA, will be chair and Richard Hobbs, MD, vice chair.

Paras Mehta, MD, reports having a patient who is an MD covered by Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (created by ObamaCare) administered by United Health. He was able to secure coverage for 22 acupuncture visits for peripheral neuropathy with the condition that they can only be performed by an MD/DO.

The Academy has these hosted free webinars for members: "Getting Started: Setting Up an Acupuncture Practice" by Dr. Claudia Harsh; "How To Get Paid: Reimbursement Principles and Pearls for Workers Compensation and Accidents" by John P. Kohler, MD, FAAMA; "Billing 101 -- The Basics of Getting Paid," by Rey Ximenes, MD, FAAMA, “Acupuncture Trauma Protocol” by Mitchell Elkiss, DO, FAAMA; and “Advanced Auricular Therapy: Enhanced Clinical Results” and “Acupuncture Related Techniques for Sports and Pain Medicine,” by Bryan L. Frank, MD, FAAMA. To present a webinar or to send topic suggestions, contact AAMA staff or Dr. Claudia Harsh (

The National Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Bucharest, the Romanian Acupuncture Society and the Romanian Homeopathy Society, announce The 3rd National Congress of Integrative Medicine with International Participation, the 23rd National Congress of Acupuncture and the 28th National Congress of Homeopathy, Nov. 7-10, 2013 in Bucharest, Romania.

As part of AAMA membership, members are being offered access to more than 400 journal articles categorized by disease/health application that promote the efficacy of acupuncture. Contact The Helms Medical Institute at to obtain your unique password to access this information anytime. Then go to and click on "Published Articles." Scroll down to "View Articles Not in the Public Domain."

The International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine (ICNM) will take place in Paris, France from July 7-9, 2013 at the Marriott Hotel & Conference Centre. ICNM will gather multi-disciplinary naturopathic physicians, therapists, professors and health care professionals from around the world, to improve patient care and define alternative healthcare.

Please send news items and photos to

 AAMA Chapter News

Arizona Chapter meetings are held at 9 am the second Saturday of the month at Dr. Martha Grout’s office, Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine, 9328 E. Raintree Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. For details, call 480/240-2600 or e-mail There are monthly speakers on topics related to medical acupuncture, as well as Chinese and Functional/Integrative medicine. Email Dr. Grout to get on the email list for meeting announcements.

The Georgia Association of Medical Acupuncturists invites everyone to visit their website to learn more about their organization’s philosophy, mission, events and much more. Their site includes a “Member” page, which includes contact information for each GAMA member. For information regarding membership and seminars, contact GAMA President Carlos Parrado, MD, at

The goal of President Lorene Wu, MD, DiplAc, and Secretary/Treasurer Anthony DeLorenzo, DO is to provide education and support to members. They plan to interface more with the wider acupuncture community by serving on the Illinois Acupuncture Board and by attending meetings of the local acupuncture society.

Meetings are held every other month at Memorial Hospital in LaGrange, IL.

The Maryland Society of Medical Acupuncture is pleased to announce that Raphael Nogier, MD, has agreed to come back to Maryland in 2013 for another seminar. If you are interested, contact either President Joan Ordman, MD, FAAMA, or John Howard at the Maryland Acupuncture Clinic,, (301) 515-7272.

The MSMA is planning the following upcoming speakers

1. Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH, on his recent visit to China to discuss acupuncture with the Chinese Military. TBA

2. Dr. Nasir Bashirelahi, Professor, University of Maryland School of Dentistry on Nutrition for Antiaging.

3. Joan Ordman, MD, FAAMA, Inpatient Acupuncture treatments on the newly injured Wounded Warriors returning from the battlefield.

The Chapter offers educational programs and wants to increase participation. Treat yourself to a nice evening. It is free, and members whose dues are paid receive a nice free meal. The lecture is on the Chapter. Contact Dr. Ordman at to join MSMA.

The Ohio Chapter intends to hold more acupuncture seminars in 2013. Members would love to see more active participation of the current membership, as well as new members. Please join them and invite medical acupuncture colleagues. For more information or questions, contact President Dr. Steve Amoils at

New Jersey & Pennsylvania
John Kohler, MD, FAAMA, is the president of the Pennsylvania Chapter. Visit for details on this chapter.

An up-to-date listing of AAMA Regional Chapter officers, their contact information, Websites and members is posted online. Think about joining a Chapter to learn more about medical acupuncture specific to your area. And if there’s not a Chapter in your region, please consider forming one by contacting Jim Dowden, AAMA executive administrator, at Chapters provide fellowship, professional camaraderie, education and curbside consults.

Chapter representatives, please send your news and photos for the AAMA Newsletter via e-mail to

Employment Opportunities

•Rare practice opportunity for a qualified physician acupuncturist. Lowell E. Kobrin, MD, PhD, is planning to retire within the next 18 months. Assume a 25-year thriving general medical acupuncture practice at North Bend Medical Center on the southern Oregon coast. Built-in referrals from more than 30 physicians, plus a large patient base encompassing three counties. Visit Dr. Kobrin for a VIP tour, meet other physicians and spend a day or two checking out his practice. 541/290-1888,

•Successful, mid-volume, well-established growing practice established by physician acupuncturist in 2004, assumed by LAc in 2008. Situated in small Kentucky college town with artistic, progressive community. Great visibility, on "College Square,” with foot + car traffic, other businesses, community hospital a block away. Lovely second-floor suite with elevator access, two individual treatment rooms, one large group room, waiting room, spacious administrative area, kitchenette with storage, two shared restrooms. Other practices on floor include massage, chiropractic, and counseling. Located between the mountains and the Bluegrass, 45 minutes from Lexington, KY. Moving out of state with family, must sell. $20K. Terms of sale negotiable for right person. Contact owner for details: 859/866-4869,


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